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Utilize technology to enhance your professional life.  In this episode we reflect on the various ways technology impacts our careers and daily lives.  AI is a hot topic and to help us understand  uses, value and pitfalls, my special guest, an advocate of AI tools, introduces some fascinating options.  Suzanne Kantra from offers advice and techniques to optimize technology for:

  • work life balance
  • exploring your interests and connecting with others who share your passions, 
  • matching your resume to new and different jobs and expanding job possibilities
  • improving your resume using AI as a proofreader and to help customize resume content to jobs you're applying for.  Keep in mind that these tools should complement, not replace, your individuality. 

And listen in for this month's career tip on determining your salary requirements - one of the 9 key elements of your ideal career.  Check out Pay It Down by Jean Chatzky and the chapter on how to find money in your current spending as well as perenial favorite "Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow" by Marcia Sinetar.

Additional resources in this month's episode: 

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It's smart to stay up-to-date on career trends and opportunities so my guest this month is Vicki Salemi, a career expert for Monster, author and nationally syndicated columnist.  Listen in to learn about work trends from the Monster 2024 Work Watch Report and what you can do to navigate these trends to adapt and thrive.

Also in this episode, you'll also hear my monthly career tip.  This time I'm redefining work life balance.  Walking the talk, I took some much-appreciated time off this month.  I went with my family on a cruise to the Caribbean for spring break.  We celebrated the 80th birthday of my father-in-law. 

I thought you might benefit from work/life advice from octogenarians.  Listen in for 3 tips to inspire your own career and life journey to be happy and healthy for the long-term.  Cheers to us all making a great living and living a great life!

Check out the resources included in this episode:

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You are the creator of your life.  In this episode:

  • Learn how to create and activate statements that support you in having the career, life and world you want.  I share some interesting statements I heard from astrologer Kathy Rose in this 2024 preview video with Pam Gregory. 
  • My featured guest is someone who supported me in manifesting my dream job -  Laura Allen, also known as The Pitch Girl!  I met Laura many years ago when I was just starting out as a career consultant.  Her fifteen second pitch seminar showed me a powerful way to communicate my work and my value clearly and succinctly.  Listen in and get a refresher on how to pitch yourself whether for a job, promotion or for your own business. Its great to always have your elevator pitch ready! 
  • This month's career tip will help you move on from a dead-end job.  Maybe you feel trapped and unhappy in your career. Maybe even miserable.  OK, you think, I’ll just get a new job. Good idea, but a new job doing the same thing isn’t that new at all. In fact, it doesn’t sound like the long-term path to happiness, does it?  With this tip, an excerpt from "Are You Ready to Love Your Job?", you'll learn how to identfy and get specific about the skills you want to utilize, not just the skills you have. 
  • Get details on how to travel to Spain this summer to learn about history & culture while experiencing amazing wine and cuisine on a luxury wine tour.
  • A public service announcement also in this episode for an organization doing very important work.  I often hear from my clients that they want to make an impact and the Guardian Group is doing just that. 

Cheers to us all making a great living doing what we love! 

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Dream BIG! The holiday season is a wonderful time to reflect on where you've been and where you want to go.  That’s why I’m bringing you an expert guest who knows how to create and maintain a thriving and successful personal brand.  She’s done it for Martha Stewart and she’s done it for herself having recently been named PR CEO of the Year. 

Calia Brencsons Van Dyk is an American television, film producer, actor, and voice-over artist. Her career highlights include twelve years at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.  That’s where we met! She is the Founder and CEO of Caliativity Productions and Creative Agency in the UK and the US delivering original content in French and English. Amp up your brand in the New Year with Calia's insights.  Tune in for her tips to create an engaging personal brand in the new year and beyond.

Also in the episode:

Thank you to our sponsor:  Make 2024 the year where you learn and experience the fabulous wine and cuisine of two of Spain’s best wine regions with the Spanish wine journey.   Check out the full itinerary and and contact to learn more and reserve your space in this exciting adventure.  

Happy New Year and thank you for listening!

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Relationships are an important aspect of life and career and they can add or detract from our happiness and success.  So, to help your relationships thrive, Certified Relationship Coach Raquel Reis joins me in this episode share her tips and advice on all too common relationship challenges in work and life and the simple shifts you can make to move forward effectively.  

I continue to hear from clients ready to move on from jobs/careers they have been doing for a long time. On that note, I'm happy to share more client success stories in this episode to show you that change really is possible. My clients aren’t the only ones changing and growing.  I recently enrolled in a course on relaxation techniques.  Helping my clients get and stay in a productive career mindset has always been part of my coaching process and now with the added awareness of the importance of mental health, I’m excited to add techniques to help my clients destress.  Listen in to learn more.

This holiday season, don’t miss the opportunity to buy a thoughtful and inspiring present for anyone looking to explore their potential. Check out the Shop at for holiday gift ideas.  There you’ll see everything from gift certificates to my signature Soul Search, Research, and Job Search workbooks to my five-star rated book Are You Ready To Love Your Job? Email me directly at with any questions or to place a custom order.

Happy Holidays!

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According to The Conference Board, “Job satisfaction was up across the board in 2022—and especially high for workers who switched jobs.“ If you've been considering a job or career change to gain greater satisfaction, now might be the perfect time. To inspire you, in this episode you'll hear from Lacie Thorne, a dynamic professional who has seamlessly transitioned from the world of fashion to the tech industry. Lacie was a Luxury Fashion Project Manager in Hong Kong, and Fashion Designer for Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj and Adam Levine under the leadership of Tommy Hilfiger. With this foundation in Fashion Design and Marketing, Lacie made her career pivot and recently graduated from the Yale School of Management with an MBA focused on Sustainability. Also in this episode, a career tip on how to identify an important element of your ideal career – Your Key Motivators. When was the last time you jumped out of bed excited for a fun day of work at the office? Or did you just laugh when hearing that sentence? If you begrudgingly get up and struggle just to get through the workday, you probably know you’re not motivated by your work. Listen in and get clear what does motivate you! And check out my book, Are You Ready to Love Your Job? Make a Great Living Through Soul Search, Research and Job Search - available on Amazon where it ranked as a #1 New Release in Job Search. Thank you to our sponsor: Want to experience a luxurious guided wine tour from the comforts of your own home? travel writer and Florida Keys five-star food tour guide Craig Zabransky is back for his 8th public wine tasting and this time he is exploring the fabulous wines of France. Learn more and sign up today!
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It's time for change.  Rather than continuing down the same old paths, I'm finding that people are ready for move forward in new, creative ways. For some that means working abroad. 

To explore how to follow the dream and work internationally, my guest is Ron Thomas, Managing Director of Strategy Focused Group. Ron uprooted his life in New York after being recruited to work in Saudi Arabia as a Chief Human Resources Officer.  Now, he is an internationally recognized HR thought leader living in Dubai managing his own business, speaking and traveling throughout the Middle East and Asia.

Tune in and learn:

  • the benefits of working abroad, 
  • the challenges, and 
  • what it takes to be successful.  

In this international episode, I’ll also share a career tip so you can reflect on and understand the workstyle (and location) that works for you.  

Maybe you’re ready for change.  Maybe it's time to explore a new exciting step in your life and career like working abroad or working in a new industry.  It’s scary and exciting because it’s fresh, unchartered territory.  Yet at the same time, it’s more peaceful because it’s more authentic to the fun, adventurous person you really are.

Resources mentioned in this episode:




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A new client I recently spoke with told me that her friends think she is all over the place when the way she sees it, “I have ideas and take action on them. What’s wrong with that?"

I agree. You might want to see your “crazy ideas” as what they are = inspired impulses.  If you have inspired impulses but old stories keep holding you back from taking action, now is a great time to usher in a new, fresh story.

A daily practice that can help us remove old limitations and stories is the focus of this episode.  My guest is a 30 yr Meditation Coach from the Heartfulness Institute. Satyajeet (Satya) Shinde is also a financial services professional.  What amazed me was how the story he was telling himself changed as he started to meditate.  Listen in and learn how mediation can change your life and career for the better.

Also in this episode I share a tip from my book, "Are You Ready to Love Your Job?"  This one is about recognizing and acknowledging your unique strengths. 

If you are yearning for a career that ignites your soul or a dream job that aligns with your passions and purpose, then check out my 5-Day Soul Search, Research, and Job Search Florida Keys Retreat!  Past Attendees called this a “truly exceptional experience” while others said, it was “powerful” and “the sense of community among like-minded individuals was truly priceless." A 2-day online retreat is also an option.

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I’ve been seeing a HUGE desire to return to our own frequency –what do I mean? Be ourselves, let go of old identities and jobs or careers that don’t fit.  Many are moving on from careers they’ve been in for a long time.  They plan to continue working but they want jobs that align with who they are.  Others are getting wake-up calls such as health issues that highlight the urgency to return to their frequencies.  My guest is a great example - Christina Langdon, High Performance Success Coach and author of For Success Sake!  Christina made a career shift after a cancer diagnosis.  Listen in for her unique and inspiring career change story as well as her amazing success advice! 

You'll also hear a NEW career tip from my book, Are You Ready to Love Your Job?  This month learn how to change what you don’t like about your job into what you DO like. 

When you live from your own frequency, you start to make decisions that create more fun and light in your life and your work. You put yourself in place to create opportunity.  You live – WITHOUT STRUGGLE.  Listen in now and learn how to transform your life and make a great living from your unique frequency!

Links and Resources in this Episode:

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I'm excited to share that Making a Living with Maggie achieved status as  Top Career Podcast for 2023 from Mac Prichard’s Mac’s list!  It's our 6th year on the list and we are grateful.

  • In this episode,  check out my interview with one of only 50 master resume writers who have crafted more than 2,000 career stories.  Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter shares how she helps her clients land their dream jobs by writing compelling career stories.  You won’t want to miss her resume do’s and don’ts,  including how to leverage AI in crafting a resume and assessing job fit.
  • To support you in following your heart, also in this episode, a tip from my  new book on how to change your mind so you can change the outcome.  We often feel limited in what’s possible when the truth is, we can create our ideal careers.  We just need to have the right mindset!  And this month’s career tip will show you how.  My mastermind series starting this month is also aimed at helping you maintain a productive career mindset.  Check it out here!
  • Need graduation gift ideas?  I've got you covered with a discount on a special gift pack.  Learn more here.

Lastly, a tribute to a friend who died suddenly, Steve Zengel.  Be inspired by his life and career story. And check out this guest post written by Steve for my blog in 2015 titled, "Why I Walked Away from $100K".  It is a must read and fitting tribute to an inspiring person who always followed his dreams.

Resources in this episode: 

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Listen in for my interview with Kerry Hannon on strategies for the changing world of work in these unprecedented times.  Kerry recently expanded her own career as an author to now include being a full time columnist for Yahoo Finance.  You’ll hear lots of great career and financial advice especially for experienced workers from Kerry.  We'll talk trends affecting workers and how to navigate to gain more control over your career.  Also in this episode, I share a career tip from about the importance of trusting the process and trusting yourself – two ingredients that are essential to finding work you love.

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

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  • Do you find you are “of two minds” about what to do with your life or career?  
  • Do you have inspired ideas one day and then find yourself poking holes in them the next? Does your heart desire to make a career move but your inner critic is fearful?  
  • Do you feel stuck or indecisive?

These might be the signs that your inner critic has become a career block. 

My guest is someone who conquered his fears, left the corporate grind and is now following his passion as his career.  Matt Stein left a 20+yr award-winning career in television news to create Unique Luxury Travels.  Listen in and get inspired by Matt's career change story.  Also learn about a special technique I use to help people overcome career blocks. I also share a tip from my new book on finding time to make your career change a priority. 

If you’ve noticed a block, fear or issue that’s surfacing and it seems that two parts of you are not working together, there are things you can do.  Matt addressed his own inner critic and is now moving forward with a new career.  You can too!  Listen in, learn how and contact me.

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

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Are the stress and tension getting to you? Would you like a simple yet powerful way to release the angst and re-center yourself? Then listen in.

My guest in this episode is a certified breath coach. Among his many talents and credentials, Dr. Randall Sheffield is owner of Moksha Therapy in Key West, FL. He expanded his physical therapy practice healing the body to include holistic healing of mind, body and spirit. In this episode, Dr. Sheffield shares specific breathing techniques, the benefits of breathwork and examples of the results he's seen and experienced. Watch the full video of my interview with Dr. Sheffield including BONUS CONTENT!

Also, tune in for this month's Career Tip, hot off the presses from my new book "Are You Ready to Love Your Job?" You'll learn how to identify your own career defining moments and uncover the pattern they point to in your ideal career.

Kick the new year off right! Listen in and take charge of where you are setting your GPS for 2023! Starting off on the right foot (or left in my case, I'm left-handed) could change your entire trajectory for the year for the better! Happy 2023!!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Thank you to our Sponsor! Find out more about their upcoming Virtual Wine Tasting experiences and get ready to travel through wine with Travel Writer Craig Zabransky as your guide. He’ll discuss each wine and share details on the grapes, regions, styles, tastes and more in a 90-minute presentation. He'll also provide a list of curated wines and include a few culinary tastes to pair with them. Join in virtually from anywhere in the world! Email for more details or to set up your own private tasting event.

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Would you like to convey more confidence when you speak?  Are you concerned about posture issues sitting at a desk all day?  And what about looking down at your phone, does that affect posture?  All these questions and more are answered by my guest (and posture geek) Lindsay Newitter.  Lindsay is a certified Alexander Technique teacher who specializes in improving posture.  She has over 15 years experience working with individuals, groups, and companies and now specializes in helping women convey confidence when they communicate.  Her tips have been on Good Morning America, CBS Radio and in The New York Times and Vogue.

Lindsay discovered the Alexander Technique in her early 20s while dealing with the repercussions of scoliosis and having spent 5 years wearing a back brace as an adolescent.  The results of what she learned were life-changing and she now enjoys imparting what’s helped her so much to others.  Listen in and you will learn specific and practical things you can be doing right now to improve your posture and bring more confidence to your career. 

Watch the video version of Lindsay's interview for BONUS Content on what type of office furniture is best for posture.  And find out more at and at   Special thanks to Lindsay for my very own Pause mug! 

Also in this episode:

Happy Holidays!


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Ever wanted to leave a job because of a toxic workplace culture?  Leaving is one approach but what if you could stay and make positive change?  This episode will empower you to flip the script on the work environment for the better!   My guest will share insights from her new book Own Your Armor: Revolutionary Change for Workplace CultureMichelle Brody PhD knows and understands workplace dynamics and shares how you can change them whether you are a leader or an employee.  You will love her practical wisdom!

I'm also excited to announce that I published a book on the 20th anniversary of my coaching practive.  It's called, Are you ready to love your job? Make a great living through Soul Search, Research and Job Search.  Rated #1 in New Releases in Job Hunting on Amazon.  It is available in paperback and kindle format.  For people who are unhappy or unsure about their careers, my book offers over 60 tips with practical advice and inspiring real-life examples.  I can truly say that were it not for my husband Craig Zabransky and for my clients who’s examples I share; the book would not have been possible.  I also share my own career story in the hopes that it inspires you to follow your dreams – even if they take a long time or seem hard.  Your dreams are there for a reason.  Live them!  And help other live their dreams by purchasing a copy of the book today
I also share a tip from my book on how to identify the type of work environment that will work for you!
Listen in and get inspired to revolutionize your workplace culture without the armor!

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It's back to school time and the perfect opportunity to share advice and insight on work parenting. My guest is Coach Daisy Dowling author of Workparent: The Complete Guide to Succeeding on the Job, Staying True to Yourself and Raising Happy Kids. Listen in for Daisy's expert tips on:

  • how to assess your workparenting template,
  • how to build confidence in combining work, family and self,
  • common mistakes to avoid.

(FOR BONUS CONTENT from my interview with Daisy check out this video on my YouTube channel)

Also included in this podcast episode is a tip on how to step up to the plate in managing your own career. Additional resources mentioned in this episode include:


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Do you know your Soul agenda?  Are you being authentic and true to yourself with your career choices?   If not and you're operating from fear, you're missing out on all the higher, more purposeful opportunities available to you. 

In this episode, I interview Annie Kaur a Spiritual Master Medium. Annie’s gifts are rooted in her heritage as part of a line of spiritual ancestral service to humanity.  Her soul agenda is to enlighten, educate, inspire & evolve people from a 3 Dimensional Level to a 5 Dimensional level through her natural born ability of Channeling. 

According to Annie, the soul is the core essence of your energy and it’s knowing this core essence that leads us to true success.  Hear her advice for bringing your more authentic self to work and the benefits and blessings of that approach.

Also in this episode, a career tip with key ways to tap into your intuition. We all have an inner knowing or intuition.  Some may be more tuned in or more practiced at listening to the intuitive wisdom but even if you’ve never used your intuition before, trust me, it’s still there.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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What you put on your resume matters for each and every job that you apply.  My guest in this episode of Making a Living with Maggie has extensive experience helping job seekers customize their resumes to get through applicant tracking systems.  Hear from Angela Ashurst-McGee, a Certified Professional Resume Writer and the creator of RedRocketResume, a premium resume-writing service for professionals who want to keep their career moving onward and upward. 

Also in this episode, career tips on how to survive a layoff. Layoffs are often viewed as setbacks but what if they’re actually boosts instead of kicks?  If you or someone you know has been laid-off, there some important ways to turn this challenge into a blessing in disguise.

Additional resources in this episode:

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Do you feel resilient or is stress taking a toll? Would you like to improve your health, wealth and relationships?  If so, it's time to get to the root cause or your unhappiness.

Special guest Korrine Holt shares insights from her 15+ years coaching and energy healing CEOs to soccer moms, doctors to mental health professionals, at-risk teens, and young women rescued from human trafficking.  She says until you get to the root cause, you prolong pain and suffering.  Listen in to the tools and tips she shares to help you move forward and create happiness at work and in life.

Find out more about Korrine's work and contact her at the and check out her inspiring book Poetic Ascension

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Psychology Today article on Resilience

Jean Chatzky's appearance on Making Living with Maggie sharing salary negotiation tips

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Do you need to get back your mojo for life and career?  Then now is the time to listen in.  In this episode you will get inspired to enliven your passion for creativity and self-expression.  Learn to honor, listen to and act on your own inspired creative impulses to make your career come alive again. 

Creativity is the key to life. It heals us and makes us whole.  If you are feeling the pull to do something creative or get more creative about your career choices, you will love my guest. 

Mary van de Wiel recently expanded her career by painting her way into being.  International branding maverick and visionary in the brand intelligence space, Van found her self-expression led her to bold mark-making.  She was open to what called her and out of that experience came Black Line Crazy - a successful new business.  Van says to explore what lights you up and get out of your own way.  Her words of wisdom will inspire you trust your own creative spark and make bold career moves into new areas of success and happiness for you. 

Resources included this episode:


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The time has come for us to be honest with ourselves. Honest about our goals, our dreams, how we really want to spend our time, what makes our hearts sing. Honest about what’s working and not working in our lives and careers, etc.

For many people I speak with, stress is not something they want to keep in their lives. Sometimes stress can get in the way of listening to our hearts. So in this episode, I’m excited to feature registered dietitian and personal trainer, Callie Exas. Callie specializes in helping clients heal their bodies from the impacts of burnout with nutrition and self care by making themselves a priority in their lives.

Given the rates of professional burnout, below are more resources on this important topic and this month’s career tip will also focus on how to foster a productive professional relationship with your manager so you can get more fulfillment and less stress from your job.

Thank you to our sponsor - check out their upcoming wine tasting and sign up for the newsletter to stay up-to-date on future events. 

Useful articles about burnout and ways to heal:
How to Overcome Burnout at Work
Indeed Study on Worker Burnout
Employee Burnout: The Biggest Myth
Brain Foods to Eat (And Avoid) Before An Interview

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I’m seeing are more and more people expanding their definition of success to include having work life balance. Many are moving beyond the dualistic thinking of work v. life, getting caught up in the juggle and struggle that type of thinking entails. Rather, I’m seeing REAL, LASTING, SUSTAINABLE success in my clients who are taking a more unified approach. They see that they are best at work when fulfilled and happy in their personal lives too.

To help you experience this type of expanded success, this episode features a career tip on how create the ideal work life balance and a special guest who is all about self care -  Personal Trainer Michele Gresh of G-Fit.  Michele is refreshingly transparent about her work and life situation. She’s 43 and got into the personal fitness industry later in life– not in it for the ego and perfect body – but because she needed it for herself. Now, she is happier than ever, has a growing following and a strong sense of what's important in life. Listen in and hear her inspiring story.

Also included, is my holiday gift guide with unique and inspiring ideas to motivate those on your list to enjoy life everyday.  Check it out and get gift ideas here.

Additional resources in this episode:

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Are you in the right job or the wrong job?

This is no time to be on the fence. It’s time to move into the work you were really meant to do – whether that’s an expansion of where you are now or a complete industry or job change. Not sure where you stand?

I’ve been coaching people through career transition for almost 20 yrs and I went through many of my own career changes from CPA to management consultant to corporate trainer, to radio host and career coach. I’ve experienced and seen the signs of those in the wrong jobs and those in the right jobs. Listen in and find out how you can tell the difference.

If you’re in the wrong job, don’t worry. Career change is possible for you and it just so happens that my guest is a successful career changer. And I’m talking BIG career change - from finance to therapist and now her own boss to boot! Listen in to hear Jan Nelson’s advice and the steps she took to make her career change a reality. This month's career tip will also cover 3 important steps to a successful career change.

You’re not at the whim of the world. You’ve got an important, necessary and very valuable contribution to make with your talents. Listen in and learn if career change is for you and if so, how to make the successful career change you seek.

Resources in this episode:



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Over the past 18+ months, I’ve seen people waking up to a work reality that frankly hasn’t been serving them. They’ve not been fully utilized or they weren’t acknowledged or were constantly thwarted by their boss. And the beauty in all of this is that they are realizing it's time to fully express their talents, ideas and insights. They are raising their standards and we can call do this!  We can expect more from our careers. So if you’ve been pining for a better fit career or job, listen in!

I’ve also been inspired recently to look more closely into leadership during COVID and in particular, business ethics. I don’t think you can look very far without seeing that we are in a time of great change. So we’re going to delve into these subjects with Dean Joyce Russell, Head of the Villanova School of Business and the first woman to lead the business school in its almost 100-year history.  We’ll also discuss how they’ve been able to achieve an out of college hiring rate of over 94% as well as look at the return on an investment of a college degree in today’s day and age.

This is the time for us all to be highly discerning and leverage each other’s strengths and talents in service to the good of humanity. More heads are better than one.  To support greater diversity of thought, this month’s career tip is based on an article from Psychology Today about how to recognize and avoid groupthink in your organization.

Listen in and learn the secrets to successful leadership and ethics that encourage the most effective decision-making.  Now that’s great leadership during Covid and beyond!

Links mentioned in this episode:

Thank you to our sponsor:

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Want lasting career success and fulfillment? Then get ready to make decisions from inspiration rather than fear especially when it comes to managing your personal brand.

Now is the time to move beyond limited thinking and open up to expanded career possibilities. Wayne Dyer said it best, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  In this episode, we'll change and expand your perspective on your personal brand. 

  • To help, my guest is author and Executive Branding and Reputation Management Specialist, Lida Citroen. She says, “Everyone has a personal brand. By design or be default.”
  • Knowing how to manage your personal brand is highly relevant today for not newly minted college and high school graduates and experienced professionals as well as our service men and women.
  • And in today’s information age, managing your career data online is an important component to managing your brand. Don’t miss this month’s career tip with the key steps you need to download and save your LinkedIn data.

Share this episode with others who's brands could use a makeover and listen in for insights, lessons and stories to make your brand authentic, strong and sustainable!

Resource links from this episode:

Thank you our sponsor

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Having worked at Martha Stewart's company for several years, I know the health, wellness and productivity benefits of a thorough spring cleaning of home and office. We also have "inner closets" of stuck thoughts and energy that can clutter us. In this episode of Making A Living with Maggie, my guest Agatha Schooler will share expert tips to address both.

Learn from this Energy Awareness professional schooled in the the art of Feng Shui and the science of The Five Elements. Get spot-on advice to clear your home and yourself and REALLY start fresh this spring!

Also included is this month's career tip on how to effectively launch your rockets of desire to effectively manifest your career dreams and goals.

Learn more about additional resources mentioned in this episode:

Direct download: MALM72Apr2021v2_-_4-28-21_6.14_PM.mp3
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As we close out Women's History Month, I'm celebrating the transformative power of women in leadership with guest Dr. Teresa Boyer, Founding Director of the Anne Welsh McNulty Institute for Women's Leadership at Villanova University. An innovative leader and advocate for economic and social equity for women, Dr. Boyer shares expert advice for women everywhere to boost their leadership quotient and expand their career potential.

I’ve always said the heart knows your true passion and purpose in life.  Now, according to Dr. Rollin McCraty, Director of Research of the HeartMath Institute, the quality of communication between the heart and brain is increasingly being recognized as key to our ability to perform at our best. Understand and see for yourself how important it is to have heart and mind coherence in this video. Also listen in to this month's show for a powerful exercise to align heart and mind.

Lastly if you've been feeling lazy, like you've lost your mojo, check out this month's career tip on uncovering and incorporating your passions. Learn quick and easy ways to reconnect with what inspires you and get back the energy you need for a successful life and career!

Direct download: MALM71Mar2021_-_3-31-21_11.54_AM1.mp3
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Need a boost?  Want to shift your mindset to being calmer, more positive and more productive? Listen in for a new tool I'm using to boost my own attitude.

Another great boost to perspective is history. It’s helps us put our experience in context. It also helps us see that others have persevered during difficult times and we can too.

Today’s show is all about inspiring you to face whatever challenges you’re experiencing with a mindset of dignity, confidence and gumption or assertiveness.

My guest will to inspire you with real life stories of Black Americans who chose inspiration over fear. They accomplished great things in their lives. Despite adversity, they chose to do what they knew in their hearts to be true. So for Black History Month, we're acknowledging the achievements of prominent black figures and will hear some amazing stories from one of the most uplifting people I know - Julia Myers-Bartley.

Get additional positive mindset boost with this month's career tip featuring 3 ways to bring your success forward.  Even if you’ve already got healthy self-esteem, when facing a challenge or embarking on something new, it helps to see yourself as a success. As Henry Ford said, “whether you think you can or you think you can’t , you’re right.”

Resources in this episode:

Direct download: MALM70Feb2021_-_2-25-21_8.39_PM.mp3
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It’s a new year and a great time to come into your own career-wise. For my clients who been managing their careers and staying in productive mindsets, they're seeing great results. Hear their success stories and get inspired to do work you love.

My guest will also inspire you to follow your dreams. Corporate consultant turned Travel Writer Craig Zabransky of Stay Adventurous shares how he's staying in a productive mindset even while staying home. He'll share tips from his new book, "Gifts From the Road" - 13 travel souvenirs and takeaways from 13 different adventures Craig has experienced across the globe.

These short reads will not only entertain you, but also shift your mindset and make you want to see the world again with renewed enthusiasm.  Listen in to Craig as he translates one of his favorite mini-epiphanies into lessons we can all take to heart in our lives and in careers. 

Resources in this episode:

If love is not a word you associate with work right now, don’t worry, this month's career tip is on the motivational power of perspective and will help you leave, love or change any work or job challenge you face.

Check out my latest mastermind series and join a support group designed to help you keep a productive mindset focused on success in 2021 and beyond!

Direct download: MALM69Jan2021_-_1-29-21_1.28_PM.mp3
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Have you considered a career as a franchisee?  Recently a client's Soul Search revealed she'd make a great business owner but she had no interest in coming up with her own concept.  In her ideal day, she saw herself successfully running an existing business and making a great living.  The idea of franchising came to mind as a possibility.  But how was she to effectively research when there were pages and pages of information online?

Enter my guest this month, Harris Gubin, Franchise Coach.  Harris shares:

  • what it takes to decide not only if franchising is right for you, and
  • the key questions to ask yourself if you're considering becoming a franchisee. 

Since I met Harris via LinkedIn, I thought it only fitting to include a tip on how to elevate your LinkedIn profile and get noticed for work you love! 

Also included this month are unique holiday gift ideas to help those on your list do work they love and get inspired to stay adventurous!

Resources included in this episode:

Thank you tuning in and happy holidays! 

Direct download: MALM68Nov2020_-_11-30-20_8.46_PM.mp3
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In today’s environment when so much is shifting, to have the autonomy and authority to call the shots, makes you nimble and adaptive. So today’s topic, Becoming Your Own Boss, is for many of you (44% at last count by the Conference Board) who are unsatisfied in a traditional job.  Listen in and hear the real-life success story of my client  Doug Blacker on his recent transition from corporate attorney to being his own boss. 
Also included, key questions to see if you’re ready to be your own boss. 

Resources included in this episode:


Direct download: MALM67Oct2020_-_10-31-20_2.54_PM.mp3
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It’s my belief that executives and employees working together will create not only a workplace culture that’s more diverse and inclusive but one that’s more fulfilling, enjoyable and successful. So in this episode, I’m excited to share a conversation I had recently with Beth Ridley, who coaches executives on creating successful Diversity & Inclusion initiatives. Listen in as Beth shares practical and specific steps that leaders as well as employees can take to foster diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.  Also included, a tribute to the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a new service that's helping clients follow their dreams and messages from our sponsors.

Resources in this episode:

Thank you to our sponsors:

Direct download: MALM66Sept2020_-_9-28-20_6.40_PM.mp3
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Working from home, schooling from home, lack of physical boundaries between work and life...Some are finding work life balance a challenge while others are thriving. 

Listen in to the expert advice from Cali Yost who's helping companies and individuals create successful flexible work scenarios.  She share specific strategies you can use to create a work life fit that works for you.  Hear success stories and get inspired to create a sustainable schedule for yourself, your family and your career. 

Resources mentioned in this episode:

I'll be back next month with an inspiring and knowledgeable guest talking about diversity and inclusion.  Stay tuned. In the meantime, here's to you making a great living!

"Work Life fit is something you control and you can make happen what matters most to you." - Cali Yost 

Direct download: MALM65Aug2020v2_-_9-1-20_1.26_PM.mp3
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We are going through perplexing times and a mentor or coach can offer valuable support.  Get inspired to make mentoring part of your career survival kit as this situation continues to unfold.

In this episode...hear mentoring success stories, and an insightful interview with Shari Krull, Executive Director of Streetwise Partners.  Their model leverages corporate mentors to support the career development and hiring of young adults into corporate careers. Hear Shari talk about the benefits of giving or receiving mentoring.  Lastly, if you've never had a mentor, listen in for the 3 Essential Steps to Finding a Great Mentor: including an effective and concise script you can use to make your mentoring request.

Mentoring Resources:

No matter what your age and stage, there’s always something to learn. Take action and don’t wait another day to start leveraging mentoring to overcome challenges and make a great living!


Direct download: MALM64July2020_-_7-31-20_4.53_PM.mp3
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How much do you listen to your inner wisdom?  How much does intuition guide your career choices?  In my experience those who follow their intuition are more likely to do work they love and make a great living.  Their careers are fulfilling and sustainable. 

We all possess some level of intuition.  It's these inklings that can point us to the right path for our careers.  In this episode, hear insights from my visit recently to the Lodge at Woodloch where I was the featured speaker for the weekend.  While there I took two great classes, one called, "Intuition for Self-Discovery" and the other "The Orchard Tour".

It was the Orchard Tour which led me to meet Holistic Orchardist aka The Dirt Doctor, Sam Lindenmuth - a man who is making a great living working with nature.  Hear what a day in the life is like in his outdoor career, what he loves about it and how inklings from his childhood confirmed his career choice.  My intuition tells me you'll enjoy hearing from Sam just as much I did when I took his tour. 

We are going through changing times and as you contemplate your own career, I hope this episode inspires you to tune into your inner wisdom and listen to your intuition to follow your own career dreams.

Check out the resources mentioned in this episode:


Direct download: MALM63June2020_-_6-29-20_7.57_PM.mp3
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In this episode, I’m excited to bring you insights from an experienced recruiter. She’ll share what she’s seeing with regards to hiring trends and offer job search advice for those in the workforce as well as new college graduates. 

Also included, my tip to help you redefine work life fit and shift your perspective for the better.  

Resources in this episode:

Thank you to our sponsor:

  • DeVine Essentials - Are you looking for a better healthcare option for you and your family? Interested in giving all your body systems the support they need at a cellular level? Is it time to up level your health? DeVine Essentials provides simple and practical solutions and education about the power of Plant Based Wellness. Through the use of pure essential oils, we can support all of our body systems from Immune Support to Emotional Wellness. These oils can provide muscle and joint pain relief, help with proper sleep, reduce stress, and so much more. They are a powerful natural option to keeping you and your
    home healthy and clean. Kim has been involved with holistic health since she was a child. She is a licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Aromatherapist. Her passion is teaching about the power of pure essential oils and natural healthcare to all who want to make healthy positive changes and live life happy! Visit her website at
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You may be in wait-and-see mode which is understandable to an extent, but I'd like to encourage you to lead you own life with purpose and actually use this crisis as a catalyst.  I’ve heard from many of you that you haven’t been happy in your current job or career and though you are thankful to still have a paycheck, you also feel compelled to explore your purpose and find more meaning.   Almost 20 yrs ago, I went through a work crisis and it led me to explore my life purpose, change careers and become a certified career coach.  I feel that this challenge is meant to lead us all to more meaningful lives and careers. 

I’m excited to have as my guest, Tom Epperson, President of Innerwill Leadership Institute. A leadership coach with 20 years of experience, Tom shares insights on how you can lead with purpose in your own life and career.

I’ll also share a Soul Search career tip with the 3 key steps to define (or redefine) your own unique life purpose.

We are in the middle of something right now and I feel you have a hand in determining how it turns out. I want to inspire you in this episode to lead with purpose - Lead your life, your career and your employer/company.

Resources in this episode:

Direct download: MALM61Apr2020_-_4-30-20_3.41_PM.mp3
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We are experiencing an unprecedented times - a situation impacting us all, globally.  It times of uncertainty, I'm here to a be a bridge for you to move forward and stay inspired.  So in honor of Women's History Month, this episode features the amazing story of McKenna Haase--a young woman following her heart, changing lives and being a mentor for the next generation of racers on and off the track.  Check out the full episode of This Racing Life featuring McKenna.

I'll also be sharing a message of reassurance from a physician that I know and sharing resources to support your career (links below).  Stay inspired and stay well - and take advantage of the discount offered by our fitness sponsor!*

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Direct download: MALM60FMar2020_-_3-30-20_9.14_PM1.mp3
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Experiencing frustrations in your research or job search?  In this episode hear from Danny Groner a recent job seeker who in 17 weeks created 2 new job opportunities, countless freelance gigs and added 400 quality contacts to his network by having informational interviews & coffee meet ups.

What you'll learn in this episode:

  • Where to find contacts to expand your network with people who can hire you,
  • How to overcome obstacles to your job search, and
  • Strategies to make yourself uniquely suited for the job.

Also hear this month's career tip on how to create a real magic wand to solve your career woes. recent article by Jack Kelly entitled, "We Need to Talk About the Mental and Emotional Anguish Faced by Job Seekers" paints a bleak picture for the traditional job seeker.  Thankfully, in this episode, you'll hear a better way to create a pipeline of career opportunities, one based on human interaction, with lots of opportunity for conversation and feedback where the job seeker feels uplifted and in demand. Listen in and make a great living!


Direct download: MALM59Feb2020_1_-_2-29-20_5.58_PM.mp3
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Good endings make good beginnings.  Don't miss the 3 things you'll want to celebrate to end the year on a high note and set yourself up to live the life you're dreaming of in 2020.  If one of your dreams is to be a digital nomad, listen in and live vicariously through Ann Davis, an experienced digital nomad who's company Venture With Impact is the one I'm partnering with for 2nd annual career exploration retreat in Lisbon.  Hear from Ann both the benefits and challenges of being a digital nomad and how you can create your own location independent experience.  Also in this episode predictions for 2020 and what we have to look forward to including more work life balance.  And as always, a quote to keep you inspired and in the proper success mindset.  Don't forget to share the best career advice you've ever received in the comments below.  Happy Holidays and here's the celebrating and making a great living together! 

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Direct download: MALM58Dec2019.mp3
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Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to know what's out there to find your dream job.  In my experience, those who've found their dream jobs did so by being honest about what's inside their hearts and minds.  They then made conscious choices to align their time with work they loved and the result was to position them in the right place at the right time to land their dream jobs.  It's not magic, it's a strategy of Soul Search, Research and Job Search.  Listen in and you'll hear the success story of a Ben Lefort who after attending a career exploration retreat, refocused on his passion for social enterprise and is now interviewing for his dream job.  Learn more and apply these insights to land your own dream job.  Also included in this episode of Making a Living with Maggie, a 2019 holiday gift guide with unique ideas for those on your shopping list who could use a career boost.  Here's to you and your loved ones enjoying this kick-off to the holiday season!

Links to Important Resources Mentioned in this episode:

Direct download: MALM57Nov2019.mp3
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Do you want more from your career? Are you tired of struggling, not fully living the dream? Would you like to attract new, better opportunities? What most people don't realize is that focusing only on the "how" might not be the path to success. Instead, one secret to obtaining success is feeling your goal is already achieved, experiencing it as if it's already yours. In this episode, I’ll share proven methods and approaches associated with the Law of Attraction to support you in applying the 3 simple steps of ask, believe, receive to your career. You will end this with ideas not just about how to do a new business card mock up but with the feeling of having already succeeded in attaining your career goal(s).

Links included in this episode:

Direct download: MALM56Oct2019.mp3
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Knowing how to write with influence can make all the difference when it comes to your career success. That's why I'm so excited on this episode to feature author Carla Bass who literally wrote the book on the subject: Write to Influence!

A retired Air Force Colonel, Carla served 30 years active duty and another 12 with a federal agency. During that time she wrote letters for executive-level signature; reports for senior military leaders; hundreds of personnel appraisals; nominations for awards, congressional fellowships. She composed elevator speeches, talking points, and executive correspondence, many of which were sent to Congress and the White House. In all instances, each word and every second of the audience’s time counted. Listen in as Carla shares her experience writing to influence with you so you can strategically craft an effective thank you letter and resume to nail your dream job!

Links to resources mentioned in the show:

Direct download: MALM55Sep2019.mp3
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Unhappy in your job?  Ready for a change but not sure where to start?  In this episode, you'll hear from Lara Appleton creator of  Lara explains how she changed careers from a high-powered design career in New York and now enjoys more freedom, passion and fulfillment sharing her genius in new and exiting ways.  Hear how she made her dream job a reality and how you can too. 

Also hear tips on how to attract more of what you want into you life and work. And when you start that new dream job, you can read my quotes in this recent New York Times article, "How to Answer Tricky Personal Questions at a New Job."

I'm sorry to share the passing of a past guest on my radio show.  Lucianna Samu.  Check out her legacy in these inspiring design books

As the seasons change, it's the perfect time to consider your career transition to better, happier, and more fulfilling work. Here's to you making a great living!

"While the predictable path may feel more comfortable, it goes against the nature of change and growth. - Amy Dean


Direct download: MALM55Aug2019.mp3
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To make a successful career change, you first have to believe it's possible.  Tune into this episode and learn key ways to support yourself in developing a career success mindset.  These lessons are from the Lisbon Career Exploration Retreat I delivered recently and allow you to take and make your own mini-retreat. 

Also featured is an interview with Sara Bliss, author of Take The Leap: Change Your Career, Change Your Life.  Sara and I discuss misconceptions about career change as well as how the successful career changers she profiled in the book made their new careers a reality. 

Career change isn't something to be feared, it can bring you greater happiness and success than you ever imagined.  But you have to get started.  Tune in and get inspired to get on the path toward work you love.

Also referenced in the episode: 9 Ways to Find Your Perfect Match, an article that Sara wrote based on the 9 ideal career elements I support my clients in Soul Searching through so they can define new, best-fit career possibilities.

Direct download: MALM53May2019v2.mp3
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Are you or someone you know about to transition from being a student to being a working professional?  No need to "wing it" and hope things go smoothly.  In this episode, you'll hear tips and advice from a recent college graduate who's already made this transition successfully. 

  • Hear effective methods for landing your first job including how to set yourself up for success with a well-written resume and cover letter as well what to expect with today's interview techniques. 

For those at any stage of career, you'll hear a career tip with specific strategies for conveying experience and passion on your resume and the secret to getting noticed for work you love. For the full article referenced in the tip, click here: How to Write a Resume that Gets Noticed: Yes, It's Possible!

Also in this episode I reference the importance of knowing how to be your own boss as you may be in a contract role at some point in your career.  Check out my podcast on the Future of Work to learn more about the trends towards greater numbers of contract positions.

Lastly, tune in to hear sage advice from commencement speeches given by Jim Carey and Bono of U2.  Whether you'll soon be a college graduate or it's been a "few years" since you got your degree, it's not too late to make a great living!


Direct download: MALM52Apr2019.mp3
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What does a job search look like today versus 20, 10 or even 5 yrs ago?  For some of the clients I work with, it's been a while since they  interviewed.  This episode offers a great refresher for anyone conducting a job search. 

My guest is Mac Prichard  the founder and publisher of Mac’s List, an online platform that connects talented professionals with meaningful, local work opportunities. Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2001, Mac’s List serves job seekers and employers with a job board as well as courses, books, events, and other resources that bring people together to find better jobs and happier careers.

Bring your job search into the 21st century. Mac and I discuss the "modern job search": what's changed, what's the same, new trends, the latest tools, and creative ways job seekers are getting noticed.  

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Direct download: MALM51Mar20191.mp3
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I love to encourage people to follow their dreams. Its how I close every email I send. Well sometimes that dream is to be your own boss or at least have control of your own time and destiny.  My guest today is a very successful entrepreneur. Her business has grown despite all odds and despite a back roads location. Jessi Roberts, founder of Cheeky's, has persevered through some very tough times. Jessi shares her secrets to success as outlined in her new book - Backroads Boss Lady: Happiness Ain't a Side Hustle - Straight Talk on Creating the Life You Deserve.  Get inspired to move beyond any challenges facing you and instead use what you’ve got to become the success you were meant to be. Jessi also shares tips on how you can maintain work life balance and give back to others.  Check it out!

Also included in this episode my tips to find happiness when tackling a job search.  At the end of the day, as Audrey Hepburn said, “the most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy.” 

Direct download: MALM49Feb20191.mp3
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"Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind."-Seneca

In this episode I’m excited to have with me Ann Davis, Co-Founder of Venture with Impact. I met Ann when she reached out to me with the idea to do a career retreat. I’m excited to say we’re teaming up for a five-day Career Exploration and Soul Search Retreat in Lisbon this spring. 

Hear from Ann and I about the personal and professional benefits of the retreat and how you can get a discount and sign up.

If you’ve been yearning to shake things up, allow your heart and mind this opportunity to expand and gain new possibilities for your life and career. 

At any age and stage, you can get to know who you really are through travel coupled with a formal process of Soul Search, Research and Job Search.

Direct download: MALM49JanRetreatBonus2019.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:00pm EDT

If fears and doubts are holding you back from pursuing your dream job, listen in to the inspiring success story of Janet Nestor.  Co-author of the new book Revolutionize Your Health: How to Take Back Your Body's Power to Heal, Janet had major challenges starting at birth that threatened to derail a happy and fulfilling life and career.  But through support and belief in herself, Janet found her calling and has become one of the 200 most influential authors in the world according to Richtopia.  Listen in as she shares her inspiring story and the most important turning point in her adult life.

Want to get away?  I'm excited to announce my upcoming Career exploration and Soul Search Retreat in Lisbon, Portugal this May.  Done in conjunction with Venture With Impact, stay tuned for my upcoming podcast with Ann Davis, co-founder about what you can expect on this epic adventure from a travel standpoint and I'll share the details on all the career aspects.  More on that in my next episode. 

It is the new year and time for fresh thinking!  For those in the NYC-metro area, check out my seminar on overcoming limiting beliefs.  I'm also hosting a networking happy hour for a great cause.  Get your tickets to both events in the links below. 

Happy 2019 - Together, we can all make a great living!

Direct download: MALM48Jan2019.mp3
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As we close out the year, I wanted to support you in ending on a high note because good endings make good beginnings. As a friend said, this is a great time re-center and focus on positive energy going into the new year.  So to do that, in this episode you'll learn:

  • What to Give Up to Be a Success (from this CNBC article)
  • An Easy and Fun Way to Do a Year-End Review
  • The Benefits of Celebrating Yourself
  • Monthly Career Tip to Help You Separate Fact From Feeling
  • Information on my Winter Mastermind Program in January

Learn more about my fabulous guest and friend of the show: Lauren Banyar Reich of 

Alls well that ends well. End 2018 and start 2019 well with this thought...its my take on a quote from Thomas Edison who held over 1000 patents and has been described as America’s greatest inventor: ““If [WHEN]we all did [DO] the things we are really capable of doing, we would [WILL] literally astound ourselves.” A toast to you and the new year ahead!

Direct download: MALM47Dec2018.mp3
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Have a dream job or idea you've been wanting to go for but think it's crazy?  Lots of crazy ideas have become successful businesses or led people to successful careers.  In this episode, hear the real life example of Karen Mainenti who changed careers to follow her dreams and now feels as if her career has evolved in exciting and amazing ways.  She'll share specific steps you can take right now to give yourself permission to make your "crazy" career move.  

Also in this episode, crazy ideas the became wildly successful and some of the biggest product failures by the biggest companies (because they weren't crazy enough). Listen in and you'll soon be reconsidering your "crazy" career idea as something innovative.  You might really be onto something!   

Links to resources mentioned in the episode:

Happy holidays and always follow your dreams!


Direct download: MALM46Nov2018.mp3
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The future can be scary or it can be exciting.  It's all about how you look at it and how you prepare for it.  In this episode you'll hear from Alexandra Levit, author of the recently released Humanity Works: Merging Technology and People for the Workforce of the Future.  We discuss important career topics such as:

  • Will all jobs be done by machines?
  • What uniquely human skills will be essential to productive human/machine collaboration?
  • What is learning agility & why is it key to success in the future?
  • What are the future trends for work structures and work arrangements?
  • Why will it be important to develop our skills as free agents?

Frank Tyger said it well, "The future depends on many things but mainly it depends on you".  Listen in and learn what you can do now to take action and manage your career successfully to be ready for machines or any other change that comes down the pike in the present or future of work.

Bonus career tip included: Feel like a Jack or Jane of all trades? Learn how to manage your career effectively if you have too many interests to pick just one.

Direct download: MALM46Oct2018.mp3
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In a job or career that's not a great fit?  Feeling lost when looking for a new job?  Has your job been a means to a paycheck and joy has been lacking? 

In this episode you'll hear the career change success story of a healthcare executive who found a career that fit her talents and interests, wound her way through a path of ups and downs and found joy in her work everyday.  The secret to her success?  A strong foundation in knowing herself, believing in herself and owning it. 

You'll also learn the nine Soul Search elements to uncover your ideal career and hear about an exercise you can use to figure out what sparks joy.  Lastly, hear my monthly career tip on Research and how to complete a successful informational interview.

This is a time of great opportunity.  It's easier to change careers and start out in the work world than in years past.  Read more in this WSJ article referenced in the podcast.  

Always drive in the lane that makes you happy!

Direct download: MALM45Sept2018.mp3
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Sure you've developed new skills in your life and career but have you ever focused on how to listen?  Listening can be one of most powerful ways to connect with others, build relationships and get great results.  That's why in this episode I feature Dr. Mark Goulston author of Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone.  He shares specific strategies to listen more effectively and build relationships at work, at home, at school.  Learn methods you can use to change how you listen and how you empathize with others as well.

Also included is my Soul Search tip on Understanding Your Purpose which expands upon my previous podcast episode on the Purpose Revolution.

Links referenced by me in this episode:

Links referenced by Dr. Goulston:




Direct download: MALM44August2018.mp3
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Many of us want to focus on our life purpose and have more meaning in our careers but we just don't know where to start.  Listen to this episode and hear insights from Dr. John Izzo from his new book The Purpose Revolution.  Learn what the purpose revolution is and how companies are inspiring a better world and gaining competitive advantage in the process. You'll also hear three things you can do to bring more purpose to your work right now. Also I continue sharing Soul Search, Research and Job Search tips with this month focused on Defining Salary Requirements. Having the career you want also means having the salary/income you want.  And if you're interested in making a career transition, it's also helpful to understand your minimum salary requirements to cover your expenses.  Empower yourself with this episode on the important career elements of purpose and salary. Together we can all make a great living!



Direct download: MALM42June2018.mp3
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You can start a job but can you finish it successfully?  To sustain a stable and fulfilling career, you need to be able to finish strong.  Learn the secrets to performing well consistently on the job by hearing lessons from successful sports teams including the 2017 NCAA Champion Villanova Wildcats, The Philadelphia 76ers and a small town highschool girls softball team that is staging a remarkable turnaround thanks to the help my interviewee Coach Lesa Bonee.  Listen in and learn the strategies to finish strong in your work or life. (Don't miss Bonus Content on finding your work life balance. My career tip this month is filled with ways to negotiate and create the work life balance that works for you!)

Direct download: MALM41AprilMay2018Final.mp3
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Do you feel you're getting pushed around at work?  Is too much being asked of you? Are you not feeling supported?  The universe conspires to help us and these challenges are an opportunity to stand up and assert yourself.  Included in this podcast are tips for being assertive and examples to inspire you to stand up for yourself at work in a way that is respectful and effective. 

*Bonus content: Start you own Soul Search with my monthly tip.  In this episode, I offer practical steps to identify the skills you want to utilize in your ideal career (not just the skills you have.)  If you feel trapped by a resume that doesn't match the work you want to do, this tip will help you make note of your transferable skills and unique genius.  

To finish this latest installment of Making a Living, I share details of a team success exercise from a recent motivational talk I delivered. If you work with others, you'll want to complete this exercise for yourself and with your team.  We all too often hear about what we’re doing wrong and I love this exercise because it presents you with a chance to acknowledge yourself and your team for what you’re doing right!  

Direct download: MALM40March2018.mp3
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If you're feeling your job isn't secure and that the career/job you want just isn't possible, listen in.  On this episode you'll learn about a quietly growing trend in the workplace that offers opportunity when you know how to take advantage of it.  You'll also get my latest Soul Search tip on how to manage a career if you have too many interests. Finally, you'll not want to miss my segment on overcoming limiting beliefs.  Hear how you can create your own unique turnaround statement and get passed what is holding you back from the career of your dreams!

Direct download: MALM39Feb2018Export.mp3
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Want more success out of your career?  Listen in and hear highlights from my monthly Career Success Mastermind program aimed at changing your mindset to impact your performance for the better.  If you do, you'll not only hear specific tips for turning a negative attitude into a positive one but also 4 key statements to answer that will set you up for a success all year.  Referenced in the podcast is this video of Jason Lezak's Olympic victory against almost insurmountable odds simply because he changed his attitude from negative to positive.  Also referenced is my 50 minute career empowerment webinar to enable and support you changing your life and creating your ideal career.  Happy New Year!

Direct download: MALM38Jan2018.mp3
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Are you listening, trusting your own desires and inspired impulses?  Do you have the courage to make career choices that lead you closer work you'd love?  Maybe you haven't yet made that transition.  Well, it's never too late.  In this episode I interview Danny Groner of  Danny is someone I worked with 12 years ago at a pivotal time in his career.  He has since made career choices based on the wise guidance of his heart and it's lead him to a very rewarding career filled with exciting opportunities.  Danny shares how he took his career choices into his own hands and how you can too.  He also shares his 50 coffees strategy and how he approaches the interview process as a negotiation to find an employer and the job that are a fit. Listen in and learn this better approach to landing your next job.  

Direct download: MALM37Dec2017.mp3
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The Chinese symbol for opportunity is the same as the one for crisis.  It all depends on your attitude or mindset.  If your job or industry is changing, you don't need to feel afraid.  Listen in and you'll hear success stories of people who turned career crisis into opportunity and learn how you can too.  Kilian Schalk co-created three years ago after his corporate job was lost in a restructuring.  In his interview, Kilian shares specific practical tips and examples of how he turned a layoff into the opportunity to start the business of his dreams.  You'll also hear the Making a Living tip of the month to start to define your dream job and take advantage of special holiday discounts on my Soul Search, Research and Job Search workbooks. Happy holidays!

Direct download: MALM36Nov2017.mp3
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I had the honor and pleasure recently of attending and being a presenter at the Villanova University Leadership Summit focused on the topic of Women Igniting Change.  I heard experts and accomplished men and women leaders discuss the role of men in gender equity for women and how to break the glass ceiling.  It was an amazing day of presentations, speeches, panel discussions and networking focused on an important and inclusive dialogue about the advancement of women in leadership.  In case you weren't able to attend here are the key messages and quotes of the day...

Direct download: MALM35Oct2017.mp3
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Its crucial to stop and reflect on where you're working smarter not harder:

  • Are you doing the work and having the life you want?
  • Are you spending your time on activities you feel are important?
  • Are you finding time to rejuvenate?

Listen in as I share tips, techniques and mindset strategies to make efficient use of your time.  Bring a notebook and a pen and we'll reflect on where your time is going, what you want in your ideal day, and how to get from where you are to where you want to be.  Check out these useful resources referenced in the show: Four Seconds by Peter Bregman and What the Latest Brain Science Tells Us about Working Smarter by Anne Fisher.

Direct download: MALM34Sept2017.mp3
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Who you know is as important as what you know. Listen and learn how to turn a cold call into a valued connection!  PR Expert Lauren Banyar Reich of shares the tips and strategies she uses to network with new and important contacts.  You'll also get access to my latest tool to love your job -a guided visualization that will literally take you on a date your dream job.  Sure, your job could be worse; but it could also be BETTER.  Listen now and start crafting the network and the job of your dreams!  

Direct download: MALM33Aug2017.mp3
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Recently I was interviewed on Headline News about a viral news story about a woman who was dropped from an interview process because she asked about salary.  Listen to what I shared on HLN about the story via the audio clip in the second half of this show (and view the video clip here). 

Money is one of the 9 areas help people gain clarity around when I take them through my Soul Search, Research and Job Search process.  Money is a motivator but it’s not the only one and if you’ve only been thinking “show me the money” when it comes to jobs, you’re missing out on being fulfilled by your work. 

Feeling the love from our work is crucial. And you’re going to hear from a real person who gets more than just money rewards at work, she feels the love too.  She gets to work at a place where coworkers feel like family, where they genuinely appreciate and value one another and where they’re experiencing great success.  Sound like a dream?  It’s not.  It’s reality and my first guest Ronna Vigil is going to share the ways she’s created the loving environment in which she’s worked for the past 10 yrs.  Listen in and find the love in your work today…(Check out Ronna's book - Pen It Forward:Use Your Words to Spread Love and Joy in a Handwritten Letter)

Direct download: MALM32.mp3
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There are a lot of misconceptions about how to work with headhunters and executive recruiters.  Don't make mistakes and miss out on opportunities.  Rather listen into my interview with Caroline McClure of Scout Rock.  An expert in the recruiting industry, Caroline shares insights on the different types of organizations that place people into jobs and two important resources to help you get your resume in front of the right recruiters for the work you want to do.  I also share insights from an insightful recent article from on the Best Job Sites.  Make your next job search the most effective, listen in now!

Direct download: MALM031.mp3
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Making career choices based on money?  That has its benefits and its costs.  Listen in and learn how to have the career you love and the money too.  I interview Jean Chatzky, Host of Her Money podcast who took a paycut to follow her passion as did I. Hear Jean's advice on how to find money to start a business and the best ways to negotiate salary. 

Also hear why love is the difference maker when it comes to career success.  I share ways to have great love for your career.  Its your turn to do work you love. We walked away from the money to do work we loved and success has followed.  Find out how you can too!

Direct download: MALM30-_SAM_EDIT.mp3
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The number of employers taking to the web to research applicants has steadily risen to over 40% (source: CareerBuilder’s annual social media recruitment study).
Managing your online presence is not just about content, it’s also about putting your best face forward.  You don’t need to be a model to have a great online profile photo but you do need to feel comfortable with your image.

Recently I had the opportunity to meet and work with one of the best headshot photographers in the world. (Check out the resulting headshots.)  Peter Hurley has been a model himself and knows just how uncomfortable it can be to be in front of the camera.  He also knows that accepting yourself as an amazing and unique individual is a wonderful way to show the world your best in a photo.

Listen in now to my interview with Peter and afterwards, check out his YouTube video, It’s all about the Jaw for tips on being your most photogenic.

Direct download: MLM29.mp3
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Have you been harboring a "crazy" idea for your career?  Aren't sure what to do with it or how to make it happen?  There are proven ways to make your career dream a reality and people who've done it.  Listen in for success stories from me and from entrepreneur Nicole Cichocki, creator of Truth, Beauty and Goodness.  Get an injection of positivity and possibility if fear has been holding you back from going after your own dream job.  And learn about inspiring resources including a mastermind support group starting this month to help you further your career dreams.  If you have a crazy idea you've been harboring for your career and aren't sure what to do with it, this month's podcast will help you see you're not crazy, you're onto something.  Let your genius out into the world.  The world needs us all following our dreams!

Direct download: MLM28.mp3
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A non-profit career may be the route to go if you want more meaning and purpose in your work. Before you make the leap, do your Research by listening in.  Victoria Crispo, Manager of Career Content at busts common myths about non-profits including--you have to start over to move from corporate to non-profit & non-profits don't pay.  Find out the facts with useful resources including this site which shows non-profit reports showcasing each organization's finances, mission and programs. Hiring managers expect candidates to read the one for their organization.  Victoria also shares her favorite non-profit career transition success stories which you can read more about here:

Direct download: MLM27.mp3
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Women are changing the face of the American workforce.  Understand the dynamics behind this change and how economic factors are shaping workers' career choices.  Wall Street Journal Economics correspondent Nick Timiraos shares research and insights on the economy, career change, and the presidential race to help you prepare and invest in your own career and make the most of opportunities available to you whether man or woman.

Direct download: MLM26.mp3
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Embrace that your talent is meant to be your business. Listen to my interview by Karen Kalis for her series, Millionaire Mama: How to Ditch the 9 to 5 Job and Build a Wildly Successful Business You Love. I challenge you with the idea that working for an employer is more risky than working for yourself.  It might sound crazy, but when you hear me talk about it, it makes total sense!  When you use your own genius in the world through Soul Searching, Researching your ideal niche and Job Searching to see what opportunities are out there, you will find success! 

Direct download: MLM24Final.mp3
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We can create and benefit from a friendlier universe with our own actions and attitude.  Tune in for my interview with The Kindness Diaries author Leon Logothetis.  You'll not only get inspired to take bold steps in the New Year but also realize how friendly the universe can be when we help others along the way.  

Direct download: MLM23.mp3
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Want more hours in a day?  Get them with better self-management.  Listen in to my interview with Productivity Expert Mitzi Weinman as she shares tips and strategies from her new book It's About Time: Transforming Chaos Into Calm A to Z

Direct download: MLM22.mp3
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Work from home or want to? Listen in for the pros, cons and strategies to effectively work remotely (telecommute, telework).  If you struggle with discipline, need better work life balance or are having a hard time managing work and family, this is the podcast for you.  Tune in and you'll learn how to create a productive work space for yourself so you can be satisfied and successful working from anywhere with anyone around you. 

Direct download: MLM21Final.mp3
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Many of us think we have to sacrifice pay to do work that satisfies a deeper purpose.  Rather the opposite is true.  Research shows that companies who operate with a higher-purpose make a profit 1500 times greater than those in it for the money alone.  Join me as I interview Peter Laughter, Co-founder and Co-chair of the NYC Chapter of Conscious Capitalism and CEO of Wall Street Services as we explore the four key principles to conscious capitalism and where to find employers who value their people as much as the bottom line.  Learn more at

Direct download: MLM20.mp3
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Want a career that fulfills you and provides for your well being and success?  The answer to building a career of a lifetime is surprisingly simple and fully within your control.  Tune in to my conversation with fellow career coach Pat Meehan as he shares this secret as well as real-life career success stories from his book that will teach and inspire you to build the career of a lifetime. 

Direct download: MLM019.mp3
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In a rut? Feeling stuck, bored, resentful or otherwise dissatisfied by your job?  I don't often focus on the negative however, this is not a small problem.  According to the Conference Board, 50% of workers are unsatisfied.

Direct download: MLM018Refined.mp3
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Stress is a part of life but HOW you deal with affects your quality of life.  Listen to my interview with Jan Bruce, co-author of MeQuilibrium - 14 Days to a Cooler, Calmer and Happier You. Hear immediate ways you can rethink your approach to stress and find more peace.

Direct download: MLM017Refined-20Sam20edit.mp3
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Gain insights into one of my favorite success books - The Success Principles by Jack Canfield.  Hear easy and fun ways to find your purpose and make a great living doing work you love.  It's not a silly dream.  You can have it all and it starts with a mindset of success now.


Direct download: MLM015-_sam_edit.mp3
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Hope is not a method.  The secret to getting what you want is to envision it.  Listen in for specific tips on how visioning works (to your benefit) and how you can write one now that connects you to the life and career you want.  Maggie also shares a special offer you can take advantage of to stay inspired all year through. 

Direct download: MLM014.mp3
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Perhaps you’ve been dreaming what you think is the impossible dream.  Perhaps fears and concerns have been keeping you from making a difference with your time and talents. I am here to encourage you to stay adventurous and follow your dreams.  Starting today you can Soul Search, Research and Job Search into work that gives your life meaning and purpose.  The world needs you to do it.  Hear tips from Kerry Hannon who's best-selling books & as well as articles in the New York Times, Forbes and Money magazine showcase people following their passions and finding their dream jobs.

Direct download: MLM012.mp3
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I am excited to share a day in the life of a regular guy who successfully felt the fear and did it anyway.  Listen in for his top tips for successfully making the transition from working for the "man" to working for yourself. Gain courage from this success story & follow your own career dreams.

Direct download: MLM011.mp3
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Fears and concerns can keep us trapped in a less than ideal work situation.  Listen in and be inspired to stretch your comfort zone by taking smart risks!

Direct download: MLM010.mp3
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4 Tips To Stay Career-Relevant. Playing the long-game in work and life can be a challenge, unless you have a strategy.  Encore Career Handbook author Marci Alboher shares her inspiring tips.

Direct download: MALM009.mp3
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Embrace the chaos and other helpful career resolutions for 2014!  Hear my top 3 career resolutions to add to your list.  Also author Bob Miglani joins me to share lessons from his new book Embrace the...

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Do no harm.  It’s not as hard as you think. Take these steps and do no harm in how you make a living.  And hear the inspiring success story of Susan Andersen, founder of  Vowing...

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3 ?s to Uncover Purpose at Work - You’re not here by accident.  There’s an important role you are here to play!  In fact, the world needs you to play it in order to be a better place.  Learn the...

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If interviewing scares you, you’ll want these tips.  Listen in as interview expert Ericka Spradley of My Next Level shares insights from her powerful 4 Step Interview Prep process.  Get confident and...

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Find Your Right Livelihood - If you’re ideal career scares you, it just may be the right move.  Learn the 3 surprising signs of the right livelihood and get on track to making a living doing work you...

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3 Tips For Career Happiness

Direct download: MALM002.mp3
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Life ends.  Do what you love now.  Listen and be inspired to not just make a living but to create the life you want today. 

Direct download: ConferenceRecording-13204241-150241.mp3
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Don’t Wait for Your Dream Job.  I’ve noticed one glaring difference between those who achieve their ideal and those who are still waiting for it - they started living their mission, doing work they...

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Credentials Stopping You from Going After Your Dream Career?  Surprisingly credentials aren’t what you REALLY need.  Listen in and learn one of my favorite career change secrets. Bonus: You can get...

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Want to embark on a new career but need the confidence?  Listen in for another inspiring career coincidence story and learn how you can get the validation you need to move forward now.

Direct download: ConferenceRecording-12881424-691112.mp3
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Life is More Than Career (& Why You Don’t Need to Win the Lottery to Do What You Want) 

Direct download: ConferenceRecording-12813928-263230.mp3
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Career Coincidences: Signs you’re on the path to your ideal career  Feel you’re not in the right career?  Listen in and learn the signs to look for so you can get on the path to your dream job. 

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Happy New Year and welcome to Making a living Unplugged - the podcast!   Okay so it doesn’t have all bells and whistles of my SiriusXM show but it doesn’t come with a subscription fee either.  I have...

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