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As we close out the year, I wanted to support you in ending on a high note because good endings make good beginnings. As a friend said, this is a great time re-center and focus on positive energy going into the new year.  So to do that, in this episode you'll learn:

  • What to Give Up to Be a Success (from this CNBC article)
  • An Easy and Fun Way to Do a Year-End Review
  • The Benefits of Celebrating Yourself
  • Monthly Career Tip to Help You Separate Fact From Feeling
  • Information on my Winter Mastermind Program in January

Learn more about my fabulous guest and friend of the show: Lauren Banyar Reich of 

Alls well that ends well. End 2018 and start 2019 well with this thought...its my take on a quote from Thomas Edison who held over 1000 patents and has been described as America’s greatest inventor: ““If [WHEN]we all did [DO] the things we are really capable of doing, we would [WILL] literally astound ourselves.” A toast to you and the new year ahead!

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