Making A Living Podcast

Are you or someone you know about to transition from being a student to being a working professional?  No need to "wing it" and hope things go smoothly.  In this episode, you'll hear tips and advice from a recent college graduate who's already made this transition successfully. 

  • Hear effective methods for landing your first job including how to set yourself up for success with a well-written resume and cover letter as well what to expect with today's interview techniques. 

For those at any stage of career, you'll hear a career tip with specific strategies for conveying experience and passion on your resume and the secret to getting noticed for work you love. For the full article referenced in the tip, click here: How to Write a Resume that Gets Noticed: Yes, It's Possible!

Also in this episode I reference the importance of knowing how to be your own boss as you may be in a contract role at some point in your career.  Check out my podcast on the Future of Work to learn more about the trends towards greater numbers of contract positions.

Lastly, tune in to hear sage advice from commencement speeches given by Jim Carey and Bono of U2.  Whether you'll soon be a college graduate or it's been a "few years" since you got your degree, it's not too late to make a great living!


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