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A new client I recently spoke with told me that her friends think she is all over the place when the way she sees it, “I have ideas and take action on them. What’s wrong with that?"

I agree. You might want to see your “crazy ideas” as what they are = inspired impulses.  If you have inspired impulses but old stories keep holding you back from taking action, now is a great time to usher in a new, fresh story.

A daily practice that can help us remove old limitations and stories is the focus of this episode.  My guest is a 30 yr Meditation Coach from the Heartfulness Institute. Satyajeet (Satya) Shinde is also a financial services professional.  What amazed me was how the story he was telling himself changed as he started to meditate.  Listen in and learn how mediation can change your life and career for the better.

Also in this episode I share a tip from my book, "Are You Ready to Love Your Job?"  This one is about recognizing and acknowledging your unique strengths. 

If you are yearning for a career that ignites your soul or a dream job that aligns with your passions and purpose, then check out my 5-Day Soul Search, Research, and Job Search Florida Keys Retreat!  Past Attendees called this a “truly exceptional experience” while others said, it was “powerful” and “the sense of community among like-minded individuals was truly priceless." A 2-day online retreat is also an option.

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I’ve been seeing a HUGE desire to return to our own frequency –what do I mean? Be ourselves, let go of old identities and jobs or careers that don’t fit.  Many are moving on from careers they’ve been in for a long time.  They plan to continue working but they want jobs that align with who they are.  Others are getting wake-up calls such as health issues that highlight the urgency to return to their frequencies.  My guest is a great example - Christina Langdon, High Performance Success Coach and author of For Success Sake!  Christina made a career shift after a cancer diagnosis.  Listen in for her unique and inspiring career change story as well as her amazing success advice! 

You'll also hear a NEW career tip from my book, Are You Ready to Love Your Job?  This month learn how to change what you don’t like about your job into what you DO like. 

When you live from your own frequency, you start to make decisions that create more fun and light in your life and your work. You put yourself in place to create opportunity.  You live – WITHOUT STRUGGLE.  Listen in now and learn how to transform your life and make a great living from your unique frequency!

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I'm excited to share that Making a Living with Maggie achieved status as  Top Career Podcast for 2023 from Mac Prichard’s Mac’s list!  It's our 6th year on the list and we are grateful.

  • In this episode,  check out my interview with one of only 50 master resume writers who have crafted more than 2,000 career stories.  Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter shares how she helps her clients land their dream jobs by writing compelling career stories.  You won’t want to miss her resume do’s and don’ts,  including how to leverage AI in crafting a resume and assessing job fit.
  • To support you in following your heart, also in this episode, a tip from my  new book on how to change your mind so you can change the outcome.  We often feel limited in what’s possible when the truth is, we can create our ideal careers.  We just need to have the right mindset!  And this month’s career tip will show you how.  My mastermind series starting this month is also aimed at helping you maintain a productive career mindset.  Check it out here!
  • Need graduation gift ideas?  I've got you covered with a discount on a special gift pack.  Learn more here.

Lastly, a tribute to a friend who died suddenly, Steve Zengel.  Be inspired by his life and career story. And check out this guest post written by Steve for my blog in 2015 titled, "Why I Walked Away from $100K".  It is a must read and fitting tribute to an inspiring person who always followed his dreams.

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Listen in for my interview with Kerry Hannon on strategies for the changing world of work in these unprecedented times.  Kerry recently expanded her own career as an author to now include being a full time columnist for Yahoo Finance.  You’ll hear lots of great career and financial advice especially for experienced workers from Kerry.  We'll talk trends affecting workers and how to navigate to gain more control over your career.  Also in this episode, I share a career tip from about the importance of trusting the process and trusting yourself – two ingredients that are essential to finding work you love.

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  • Do you find you are “of two minds” about what to do with your life or career?  
  • Do you have inspired ideas one day and then find yourself poking holes in them the next? Does your heart desire to make a career move but your inner critic is fearful?  
  • Do you feel stuck or indecisive?

These might be the signs that your inner critic has become a career block. 

My guest is someone who conquered his fears, left the corporate grind and is now following his passion as his career.  Matt Stein left a 20+yr award-winning career in television news to create Unique Luxury Travels.  Listen in and get inspired by Matt's career change story.  Also learn about a special technique I use to help people overcome career blocks. I also share a tip from my new book on finding time to make your career change a priority. 

If you’ve noticed a block, fear or issue that’s surfacing and it seems that two parts of you are not working together, there are things you can do.  Matt addressed his own inner critic and is now moving forward with a new career.  You can too!  Listen in, learn how and contact me.

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Are the stress and tension getting to you? Would you like a simple yet powerful way to release the angst and re-center yourself? Then listen in.

My guest in this episode is a certified breath coach. Among his many talents and credentials, Dr. Randall Sheffield is owner of Moksha Therapy in Key West, FL. He expanded his physical therapy practice healing the body to include holistic healing of mind, body and spirit. In this episode, Dr. Sheffield shares specific breathing techniques, the benefits of breathwork and examples of the results he's seen and experienced. Watch the full video of my interview with Dr. Sheffield including BONUS CONTENT!

Also, tune in for this month's Career Tip, hot off the presses from my new book "Are You Ready to Love Your Job?" You'll learn how to identify your own career defining moments and uncover the pattern they point to in your ideal career.

Kick the new year off right! Listen in and take charge of where you are setting your GPS for 2023! Starting off on the right foot (or left in my case, I'm left-handed) could change your entire trajectory for the year for the better! Happy 2023!!

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