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Are you listening, trusting your own desires and inspired impulses?  Do you have the courage to make career choices that lead you closer work you'd love?  Maybe you haven't yet made that transition.  Well, it's never too late.  In this episode I interview Danny Groner of  Danny is someone I worked with 12 years ago at a pivotal time in his career.  He has since made career choices based on the wise guidance of his heart and it's lead him to a very rewarding career filled with exciting opportunities.  Danny shares how he took his career choices into his own hands and how you can too.  He also shares his 50 coffees strategy and how he approaches the interview process as a negotiation to find an employer and the job that are a fit. Listen in and learn this better approach to landing your next job.  

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The Chinese symbol for opportunity is the same as the one for crisis.  It all depends on your attitude or mindset.  If your job or industry is changing, you don't need to feel afraid.  Listen in and you'll hear success stories of people who turned career crisis into opportunity and learn how you can too.  Kilian Schalk co-created three years ago after his corporate job was lost in a restructuring.  In his interview, Kilian shares specific practical tips and examples of how he turned a layoff into the opportunity to start the business of his dreams.  You'll also hear the Making a Living tip of the month to start to define your dream job and take advantage of special holiday discounts on my Soul Search, Research and Job Search workbooks. Happy holidays!

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I had the honor and pleasure recently of attending and being a presenter at the Villanova University Leadership Summit focused on the topic of Women Igniting Change.  I heard experts and accomplished men and women leaders discuss the role of men in gender equity for women and how to break the glass ceiling.  It was an amazing day of presentations, speeches, panel discussions and networking focused on an important and inclusive dialogue about the advancement of women in leadership.  In case you weren't able to attend here are the key messages and quotes of the day...

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Its crucial to stop and reflect on where you're working smarter not harder:

  • Are you doing the work and having the life you want?
  • Are you spending your time on activities you feel are important?
  • Are you finding time to rejuvenate?

Listen in as I share tips, techniques and mindset strategies to make efficient use of your time.  Bring a notebook and a pen and we'll reflect on where your time is going, what you want in your ideal day, and how to get from where you are to where you want to be.  Check out these useful resources referenced in the show: Four Seconds by Peter Bregman and What the Latest Brain Science Tells Us about Working Smarter by Anne Fisher.

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Who you know is as important as what you know. Listen and learn how to turn a cold call into a valued connection!  PR Expert Lauren Banyar Reich of shares the tips and strategies she uses to network with new and important contacts.  You'll also get access to my latest tool to love your job -a guided visualization that will literally take you on a date your dream job.  Sure, your job could be worse; but it could also be BETTER.  Listen now and start crafting the network and the job of your dreams!  

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Recently I was interviewed on Headline News about a viral news story about a woman who was dropped from an interview process because she asked about salary.  Listen to what I shared on HLN about the story via the audio clip in the second half of this show (and view the video clip here). 

Money is one of the 9 areas help people gain clarity around when I take them through my Soul Search, Research and Job Search process.  Money is a motivator but it’s not the only one and if you’ve only been thinking “show me the money” when it comes to jobs, you’re missing out on being fulfilled by your work. 

Feeling the love from our work is crucial. And you’re going to hear from a real person who gets more than just money rewards at work, she feels the love too.  She gets to work at a place where coworkers feel like family, where they genuinely appreciate and value one another and where they’re experiencing great success.  Sound like a dream?  It’s not.  It’s reality and my first guest Ronna Vigil is going to share the ways she’s created the loving environment in which she’s worked for the past 10 yrs.  Listen in and find the love in your work today…(Check out Ronna's book - Pen It Forward:Use Your Words to Spread Love and Joy in a Handwritten Letter)

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There are a lot of misconceptions about how to work with headhunters and executive recruiters.  Don't make mistakes and miss out on opportunities.  Rather listen into my interview with Caroline McClure of Scout Rock.  An expert in the recruiting industry, Caroline shares insights on the different types of organizations that place people into jobs and two important resources to help you get your resume in front of the right recruiters for the work you want to do.  I also share insights from an insightful recent article from on the Best Job Sites.  Make your next job search the most effective, listen in now!

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Making career choices based on money?  That has its benefits and its costs.  Listen in and learn how to have the career you love and the money too.  I interview Jean Chatzky, Host of Her Money podcast who took a paycut to follow her passion as did I. Hear Jean's advice on how to find money to start a business and the best ways to negotiate salary. 

Also hear why love is the difference maker when it comes to career success.  I share ways to have great love for your career.  Its your turn to do work you love. We walked away from the money to do work we loved and success has followed.  Find out how you can too!

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