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Do no harm.  It’s not as hard as you think. Take these steps and do no harm in how you make a living.  And hear the inspiring success story of Susan Andersen, founder of  Vowing...

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3 ?s to Uncover Purpose at Work - You’re not here by accident.  There’s an important role you are here to play!  In fact, the world needs you to play it in order to be a better place.  Learn the...

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If interviewing scares you, you’ll want these tips.  Listen in as interview expert Ericka Spradley of My Next Level shares insights from her powerful 4 Step Interview Prep process.  Get confident and...

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Find Your Right Livelihood - If you’re ideal career scares you, it just may be the right move.  Learn the 3 surprising signs of the right livelihood and get on track to making a living doing work you...

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3 Tips For Career Happiness

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Life ends.  Do what you love now.  Listen and be inspired to not just make a living but to create the life you want today. 

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Don’t Wait for Your Dream Job.  I’ve noticed one glaring difference between those who achieve their ideal and those who are still waiting for it - they started living their mission, doing work they...

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Credentials Stopping You from Going After Your Dream Career?  Surprisingly credentials aren’t what you REALLY need.  Listen in and learn one of my favorite career change secrets. Bonus: You can get...

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Want to embark on a new career but need the confidence?  Listen in for another inspiring career coincidence story and learn how you can get the validation you need to move forward now.

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Life is More Than Career (& Why You Don’t Need to Win the Lottery to Do What You Want) 

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Career Coincidences: Signs you’re on the path to your ideal career  Feel you’re not in the right career?  Listen in and learn the signs to look for so you can get on the path to your dream job. 

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Happy New Year and welcome to Making a living Unplugged - the podcast!   Okay so it doesn’t have all bells and whistles of my SiriusXM show but it doesn’t come with a subscription fee either.  I have...

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