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Relationships are an important aspect of life and career and they can add or detract from our happiness and success.  So, to help your relationships thrive, Certified Relationship Coach Raquel Reis joins me in this episode share her tips and advice on all too common relationship challenges in work and life and the simple shifts you can make to move forward effectively.  

I continue to hear from clients ready to move on from jobs/careers they have been doing for a long time. On that note, I'm happy to share more client success stories in this episode to show you that change really is possible. My clients aren’t the only ones changing and growing.  I recently enrolled in a course on relaxation techniques.  Helping my clients get and stay in a productive career mindset has always been part of my coaching process and now with the added awareness of the importance of mental health, I’m excited to add techniques to help my clients destress.  Listen in to learn more.

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Happy Holidays!

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