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Over the past 18+ months, I’ve seen people waking up to a work reality that frankly hasn’t been serving them. They’ve not been fully utilized or they weren’t acknowledged or were constantly thwarted by their boss. And the beauty in all of this is that they are realizing it's time to fully express their talents, ideas and insights. They are raising their standards and we can call do this!  We can expect more from our careers. So if you’ve been pining for a better fit career or job, listen in!

I’ve also been inspired recently to look more closely into leadership during COVID and in particular, business ethics. I don’t think you can look very far without seeing that we are in a time of great change. So we’re going to delve into these subjects with Dean Joyce Russell, Head of the Villanova School of Business and the first woman to lead the business school in its almost 100-year history.  We’ll also discuss how they’ve been able to achieve an out of college hiring rate of over 94% as well as look at the return on an investment of a college degree in today’s day and age.

This is the time for us all to be highly discerning and leverage each other’s strengths and talents in service to the good of humanity. More heads are better than one.  To support greater diversity of thought, this month’s career tip is based on an article from Psychology Today about how to recognize and avoid groupthink in your organization.

Listen in and learn the secrets to successful leadership and ethics that encourage the most effective decision-making.  Now that’s great leadership during Covid and beyond!

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Want lasting career success and fulfillment? Then get ready to make decisions from inspiration rather than fear especially when it comes to managing your personal brand.

Now is the time to move beyond limited thinking and open up to expanded career possibilities. Wayne Dyer said it best, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  In this episode, we'll change and expand your perspective on your personal brand. 

  • To help, my guest is author and Executive Branding and Reputation Management Specialist, Lida Citroen. She says, “Everyone has a personal brand. By design or be default.”
  • Knowing how to manage your personal brand is highly relevant today for not newly minted college and high school graduates and experienced professionals as well as our service men and women.
  • And in today’s information age, managing your career data online is an important component to managing your brand. Don’t miss this month’s career tip with the key steps you need to download and save your LinkedIn data.

Share this episode with others who's brands could use a makeover and listen in for insights, lessons and stories to make your brand authentic, strong and sustainable!

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Having worked at Martha Stewart's company for several years, I know the health, wellness and productivity benefits of a thorough spring cleaning of home and office. We also have "inner closets" of stuck thoughts and energy that can clutter us. In this episode of Making A Living with Maggie, my guest Agatha Schooler will share expert tips to address both.

Learn from this Energy Awareness professional schooled in the the art of Feng Shui and the science of The Five Elements. Get spot-on advice to clear your home and yourself and REALLY start fresh this spring!

Also included is this month's career tip on how to effectively launch your rockets of desire to effectively manifest your career dreams and goals.

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As we close out Women's History Month, I'm celebrating the transformative power of women in leadership with guest Dr. Teresa Boyer, Founding Director of the Anne Welsh McNulty Institute for Women's Leadership at Villanova University. An innovative leader and advocate for economic and social equity for women, Dr. Boyer shares expert advice for women everywhere to boost their leadership quotient and expand their career potential.

I’ve always said the heart knows your true passion and purpose in life.  Now, according to Dr. Rollin McCraty, Director of Research of the HeartMath Institute, the quality of communication between the heart and brain is increasingly being recognized as key to our ability to perform at our best. Understand and see for yourself how important it is to have heart and mind coherence in this video. Also listen in to this month's show for a powerful exercise to align heart and mind.

Lastly if you've been feeling lazy, like you've lost your mojo, check out this month's career tip on uncovering and incorporating your passions. Learn quick and easy ways to reconnect with what inspires you and get back the energy you need for a successful life and career!

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Need a boost?  Want to shift your mindset to being calmer, more positive and more productive? Listen in for a new tool I'm using to boost my own attitude.

Another great boost to perspective is history. It’s helps us put our experience in context. It also helps us see that others have persevered during difficult times and we can too.

Today’s show is all about inspiring you to face whatever challenges you’re experiencing with a mindset of dignity, confidence and gumption or assertiveness.

My guest will to inspire you with real life stories of Black Americans who chose inspiration over fear. They accomplished great things in their lives. Despite adversity, they chose to do what they knew in their hearts to be true. So for Black History Month, we're acknowledging the achievements of prominent black figures and will hear some amazing stories from one of the most uplifting people I know - Julia Myers-Bartley.

Get additional positive mindset boost with this month's career tip featuring 3 ways to bring your success forward.  Even if you’ve already got healthy self-esteem, when facing a challenge or embarking on something new, it helps to see yourself as a success. As Henry Ford said, “whether you think you can or you think you can’t , you’re right.”

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It’s a new year and a great time to come into your own career-wise. For my clients who been managing their careers and staying in productive mindsets, they're seeing great results. Hear their success stories and get inspired to do work you love.

My guest will also inspire you to follow your dreams. Corporate consultant turned Travel Writer Craig Zabransky of Stay Adventurous shares how he's staying in a productive mindset even while staying home. He'll share tips from his new book, "Gifts From the Road" - 13 travel souvenirs and takeaways from 13 different adventures Craig has experienced across the globe.

These short reads will not only entertain you, but also shift your mindset and make you want to see the world again with renewed enthusiasm.  Listen in to Craig as he translates one of his favorite mini-epiphanies into lessons we can all take to heart in our lives and in careers. 

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If love is not a word you associate with work right now, don’t worry, this month's career tip is on the motivational power of perspective and will help you leave, love or change any work or job challenge you face.

Check out my latest mastermind series and join a support group designed to help you keep a productive mindset focused on success in 2021 and beyond!

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