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I'm excited to share that Making a Living with Maggie achieved status as  Top Career Podcast for 2023 from Mac Prichard’s Mac’s list!  It's our 6th year on the list and we are grateful.

  • In this episode,  check out my interview with one of only 50 master resume writers who have crafted more than 2,000 career stories.  Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter shares how she helps her clients land their dream jobs by writing compelling career stories.  You won’t want to miss her resume do’s and don’ts,  including how to leverage AI in crafting a resume and assessing job fit.
  • To support you in following your heart, also in this episode, a tip from my  new book on how to change your mind so you can change the outcome.  We often feel limited in what’s possible when the truth is, we can create our ideal careers.  We just need to have the right mindset!  And this month’s career tip will show you how.  My mastermind series starting this month is also aimed at helping you maintain a productive career mindset.  Check it out here!
  • Need graduation gift ideas?  I've got you covered with a discount on a special gift pack.  Learn more here.

Lastly, a tribute to a friend who died suddenly, Steve Zengel.  Be inspired by his life and career story. And check out this guest post written by Steve for my blog in 2015 titled, "Why I Walked Away from $100K".  It is a must read and fitting tribute to an inspiring person who always followed his dreams.

Resources in this episode: 

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