Making A Living Podcast

We are going through perplexing times and a mentor or coach can offer valuable support.  Get inspired to make mentoring part of your career survival kit as this situation continues to unfold.

In this episode...hear mentoring success stories, and an insightful interview with Shari Krull, Executive Director of Streetwise Partners.  Their model leverages corporate mentors to support the career development and hiring of young adults into corporate careers. Hear Shari talk about the benefits of giving or receiving mentoring.  Lastly, if you've never had a mentor, listen in for the 3 Essential Steps to Finding a Great Mentor: including an effective and concise script you can use to make your mentoring request.

Mentoring Resources:

No matter what your age and stage, there’s always something to learn. Take action and don’t wait another day to start leveraging mentoring to overcome challenges and make a great living!


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