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Need a boost?  Want to shift your mindset to being calmer, more positive and more productive? Listen in for a new tool I'm using to boost my own attitude.

Another great boost to perspective is history. It’s helps us put our experience in context. It also helps us see that others have persevered during difficult times and we can too.

Today’s show is all about inspiring you to face whatever challenges you’re experiencing with a mindset of dignity, confidence and gumption or assertiveness.

My guest will to inspire you with real life stories of Black Americans who chose inspiration over fear. They accomplished great things in their lives. Despite adversity, they chose to do what they knew in their hearts to be true. So for Black History Month, we're acknowledging the achievements of prominent black figures and will hear some amazing stories from one of the most uplifting people I know - Julia Myers-Bartley.

Get additional positive mindset boost with this month's career tip featuring 3 ways to bring your success forward.  Even if you’ve already got healthy self-esteem, when facing a challenge or embarking on something new, it helps to see yourself as a success. As Henry Ford said, “whether you think you can or you think you can’t , you’re right.”

Resources in this episode:

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