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Have you considered a career as a franchisee?  Recently a client's Soul Search revealed she'd make a great business owner but she had no interest in coming up with her own concept.  In her ideal day, she saw herself successfully running an existing business and making a great living.  The idea of franchising came to mind as a possibility.  But how was she to effectively research when there were pages and pages of information online?

Enter my guest this month, Harris Gubin, Franchise Coach.  Harris shares:

  • what it takes to decide not only if franchising is right for you, and
  • the key questions to ask yourself if you're considering becoming a franchisee. 

Since I met Harris via LinkedIn, I thought it only fitting to include a tip on how to elevate your LinkedIn profile and get noticed for work you love! 

Also included this month are unique holiday gift ideas to help those on your list do work they love and get inspired to stay adventurous!

Resources included in this episode:

Thank you tuning in and happy holidays! 

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In today’s environment when so much is shifting, to have the autonomy and authority to call the shots, makes you nimble and adaptive. So today’s topic, Becoming Your Own Boss, is for many of you (44% at last count by the Conference Board) who are unsatisfied in a traditional job.  Listen in and hear the real-life success story of my client  Doug Blacker on his recent transition from corporate attorney to being his own boss. 
Also included, key questions to see if you’re ready to be your own boss. 

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It’s my belief that executives and employees working together will create not only a workplace culture that’s more diverse and inclusive but one that’s more fulfilling, enjoyable and successful. So in this episode, I’m excited to share a conversation I had recently with Beth Ridley, who coaches executives on creating successful Diversity & Inclusion initiatives. Listen in as Beth shares practical and specific steps that leaders as well as employees can take to foster diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.  Also included, a tribute to the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a new service that's helping clients follow their dreams and messages from our sponsors.

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Working from home, schooling from home, lack of physical boundaries between work and life...Some are finding work life balance a challenge while others are thriving. 

Listen in to the expert advice from Cali Yost who's helping companies and individuals create successful flexible work scenarios.  She share specific strategies you can use to create a work life fit that works for you.  Hear success stories and get inspired to create a sustainable schedule for yourself, your family and your career. 

Resources mentioned in this episode:

I'll be back next month with an inspiring and knowledgeable guest talking about diversity and inclusion.  Stay tuned. In the meantime, here's to you making a great living!

"Work Life fit is something you control and you can make happen what matters most to you." - Cali Yost 

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We are going through perplexing times and a mentor or coach can offer valuable support.  Get inspired to make mentoring part of your career survival kit as this situation continues to unfold.

In this episode...hear mentoring success stories, and an insightful interview with Shari Krull, Executive Director of Streetwise Partners.  Their model leverages corporate mentors to support the career development and hiring of young adults into corporate careers. Hear Shari talk about the benefits of giving or receiving mentoring.  Lastly, if you've never had a mentor, listen in for the 3 Essential Steps to Finding a Great Mentor: including an effective and concise script you can use to make your mentoring request.

Mentoring Resources:

No matter what your age and stage, there’s always something to learn. Take action and don’t wait another day to start leveraging mentoring to overcome challenges and make a great living!


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How much do you listen to your inner wisdom?  How much does intuition guide your career choices?  In my experience those who follow their intuition are more likely to do work they love and make a great living.  Their careers are fulfilling and sustainable. 

We all possess some level of intuition.  It's these inklings that can point us to the right path for our careers.  In this episode, hear insights from my visit recently to the Lodge at Woodloch where I was the featured speaker for the weekend.  While there I took two great classes, one called, "Intuition for Self-Discovery" and the other "The Orchard Tour".

It was the Orchard Tour which led me to meet Holistic Orchardist aka The Dirt Doctor, Sam Lindenmuth - a man who is making a great living working with nature.  Hear what a day in the life is like in his outdoor career, what he loves about it and how inklings from his childhood confirmed his career choice.  My intuition tells me you'll enjoy hearing from Sam just as much I did when I took his tour. 

We are going through changing times and as you contemplate your own career, I hope this episode inspires you to tune into your inner wisdom and listen to your intuition to follow your own career dreams.

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In this episode, I’m excited to bring you insights from an experienced recruiter. She’ll share what she’s seeing with regards to hiring trends and offer job search advice for those in the workforce as well as new college graduates. 

Also included, my tip to help you redefine work life fit and shift your perspective for the better.  

Resources in this episode:

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You may be in wait-and-see mode which is understandable to an extent, but I'd like to encourage you to lead you own life with purpose and actually use this crisis as a catalyst.  I’ve heard from many of you that you haven’t been happy in your current job or career and though you are thankful to still have a paycheck, you also feel compelled to explore your purpose and find more meaning.   Almost 20 yrs ago, I went through a work crisis and it led me to explore my life purpose, change careers and become a certified career coach.  I feel that this challenge is meant to lead us all to more meaningful lives and careers. 

I’m excited to have as my guest, Tom Epperson, President of Innerwill Leadership Institute. A leadership coach with 20 years of experience, Tom shares insights on how you can lead with purpose in your own life and career.

I’ll also share a Soul Search career tip with the 3 key steps to define (or redefine) your own unique life purpose.

We are in the middle of something right now and I feel you have a hand in determining how it turns out. I want to inspire you in this episode to lead with purpose - Lead your life, your career and your employer/company.

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We are experiencing an unprecedented times - a situation impacting us all, globally.  It times of uncertainty, I'm here to a be a bridge for you to move forward and stay inspired.  So in honor of Women's History Month, this episode features the amazing story of McKenna Haase--a young woman following her heart, changing lives and being a mentor for the next generation of racers on and off the track.  Check out the full episode of This Racing Life featuring McKenna.

I'll also be sharing a message of reassurance from a physician that I know and sharing resources to support your career (links below).  Stay inspired and stay well - and take advantage of the discount offered by our fitness sponsor!*

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Experiencing frustrations in your research or job search?  In this episode hear from Danny Groner a recent job seeker who in 17 weeks created 2 new job opportunities, countless freelance gigs and added 400 quality contacts to his network by having informational interviews & coffee meet ups.

What you'll learn in this episode:

  • Where to find contacts to expand your network with people who can hire you,
  • How to overcome obstacles to your job search, and
  • Strategies to make yourself uniquely suited for the job.

Also hear this month's career tip on how to create a real magic wand to solve your career woes. recent article by Jack Kelly entitled, "We Need to Talk About the Mental and Emotional Anguish Faced by Job Seekers" paints a bleak picture for the traditional job seeker.  Thankfully, in this episode, you'll hear a better way to create a pipeline of career opportunities, one based on human interaction, with lots of opportunity for conversation and feedback where the job seeker feels uplifted and in demand. Listen in and make a great living!


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