Making A Living Podcast

In a job or career that's not a great fit?  Feeling lost when looking for a new job?  Has your job been a means to a paycheck and joy has been lacking? 

In this episode you'll hear the career change success story of a healthcare executive who found a career that fit her talents and interests, wound her way through a path of ups and downs and found joy in her work everyday.  The secret to her success?  A strong foundation in knowing herself, believing in herself and owning it. 

You'll also learn the nine Soul Search elements to uncover your ideal career and hear about an exercise you can use to figure out what sparks joy.  Lastly, hear my monthly career tip on Research and how to complete a successful informational interview.

This is a time of great opportunity.  It's easier to change careers and start out in the work world than in years past.  Read more in this WSJ article referenced in the podcast.  

Always drive in the lane that makes you happy!

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