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The number of employers taking to the web to research applicants has steadily risen to over 40% (source: CareerBuilder’s annual social media recruitment study).
Managing your online presence is not just about content, it’s also about putting your best face forward.  You don’t need to be a model to have a great online profile photo but you do need to feel comfortable with your image.

Recently I had the opportunity to meet and work with one of the best headshot photographers in the world. (Check out the resulting headshots.)  Peter Hurley has been a model himself and knows just how uncomfortable it can be to be in front of the camera.  He also knows that accepting yourself as an amazing and unique individual is a wonderful way to show the world your best in a photo.

Listen in now to my interview with Peter and afterwards, check out his YouTube video, It’s all about the Jaw for tips on being your most photogenic.

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Have you been harboring a "crazy" idea for your career?  Aren't sure what to do with it or how to make it happen?  There are proven ways to make your career dream a reality and people who've done it.  Listen in for success stories from me and from entrepreneur Nicole Cichocki, creator of Truth, Beauty and Goodness.  Get an injection of positivity and possibility if fear has been holding you back from going after your own dream job.  And learn about inspiring resources including a mastermind support group starting this month to help you further your career dreams.  If you have a crazy idea you've been harboring for your career and aren't sure what to do with it, this month's podcast will help you see you're not crazy, you're onto something.  Let your genius out into the world.  The world needs us all following our dreams!

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A non-profit career may be the route to go if you want more meaning and purpose in your work. Before you make the leap, do your Research by listening in.  Victoria Crispo, Manager of Career Content at busts common myths about non-profits including--you have to start over to move from corporate to non-profit & non-profits don't pay.  Find out the facts with useful resources including this site which shows non-profit reports showcasing each organization's finances, mission and programs. Hiring managers expect candidates to read the one for their organization.  Victoria also shares her favorite non-profit career transition success stories which you can read more about here:

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Women are changing the face of the American workforce.  Understand the dynamics behind this change and how economic factors are shaping workers' career choices.  Wall Street Journal Economics correspondent Nick Timiraos shares research and insights on the economy, career change, and the presidential race to help you prepare and invest in your own career and make the most of opportunities available to you whether man or woman.

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Embrace that your talent is meant to be your business. Listen to my interview by Karen Kalis for her series, Millionaire Mama: How to Ditch the 9 to 5 Job and Build a Wildly Successful Business You Love. I challenge you with the idea that working for an employer is more risky than working for yourself.  It might sound crazy, but when you hear me talk about it, it makes total sense!  When you use your own genius in the world through Soul Searching, Researching your ideal niche and Job Searching to see what opportunities are out there, you will find success! 

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We can create and benefit from a friendlier universe with our own actions and attitude.  Tune in for my interview with The Kindness Diaries author Leon Logothetis.  You'll not only get inspired to take bold steps in the New Year but also realize how friendly the universe can be when we help others along the way.  

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