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If fears and doubts are holding you back from pursuing your dream job, listen in to the inspiring success story of Janet Nestor.  Co-author of the new book Revolutionize Your Health: How to Take Back Your Body's Power to Heal, Janet had major challenges starting at birth that threatened to derail a happy and fulfilling life and career.  But through support and belief in herself, Janet found her calling and has become one of the 200 most influential authors in the world according to Richtopia.  Listen in as she shares her inspiring story and the most important turning point in her adult life.

Want to get away?  I'm excited to announce my upcoming Career exploration and Soul Search Retreat in Lisbon, Portugal this May.  Done in conjunction with Venture With Impact, stay tuned for my upcoming podcast with Ann Davis, co-founder about what you can expect on this epic adventure from a travel standpoint and I'll share the details on all the career aspects.  More on that in my next episode. 

It is the new year and time for fresh thinking!  For those in the NYC-metro area, check out my seminar on overcoming limiting beliefs.  I'm also hosting a networking happy hour for a great cause.  Get your tickets to both events in the links below. 

Happy 2019 - Together, we can all make a great living!

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