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How much do you listen to your inner wisdom?  How much does intuition guide your career choices?  In my experience those who follow their intuition are more likely to do work they love and make a great living.  Their careers are fulfilling and sustainable. 

We all possess some level of intuition.  It's these inklings that can point us to the right path for our careers.  In this episode, hear insights from my visit recently to the Lodge at Woodloch where I was the featured speaker for the weekend.  While there I took two great classes, one called, "Intuition for Self-Discovery" and the other "The Orchard Tour".

It was the Orchard Tour which led me to meet Holistic Orchardist aka The Dirt Doctor, Sam Lindenmuth - a man who is making a great living working with nature.  Hear what a day in the life is like in his outdoor career, what he loves about it and how inklings from his childhood confirmed his career choice.  My intuition tells me you'll enjoy hearing from Sam just as much I did when I took his tour. 

We are going through changing times and as you contemplate your own career, I hope this episode inspires you to tune into your inner wisdom and listen to your intuition to follow your own career dreams.

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