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A new client I recently spoke with told me that her friends think she is all over the place when the way she sees it, “I have ideas and take action on them. What’s wrong with that?"

I agree. You might want to see your “crazy ideas” as what they are = inspired impulses.  If you have inspired impulses but old stories keep holding you back from taking action, now is a great time to usher in a new, fresh story.

A daily practice that can help us remove old limitations and stories is the focus of this episode.  My guest is a 30 yr Meditation Coach from the Heartfulness Institute. Satyajeet (Satya) Shinde is also a financial services professional.  What amazed me was how the story he was telling himself changed as he started to meditate.  Listen in and learn how mediation can change your life and career for the better.

Also in this episode I share a tip from my book, "Are You Ready to Love Your Job?"  This one is about recognizing and acknowledging your unique strengths. 

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