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Since leadership is a hot topic these days, I thought we could all use a refresher on what makes for great leadership.  In this episode, we will get into some important leadership lessons with the help of my guest, Genice Hall-Fowler.

Genice is a 2020 Top Ten Business Woman as noted by the American Business Women’s Association.  She is also on the National Board of Directors for ABWA, is District 1 Vice President and is an approved candidate for ABWA National President.  Mrs. Hall-Fowler is a licensed clinical social worker and the owner of Grateful Guidance Life Counseling, LLC where she specializes in helping others discover their ‘happy.’ Genice is a three time published author, and her works include “If She Can;” “Happiness Diary-Discovering Your Happy;” and “Grandma B- Biggest Cheerleader for Me” a tribute to her mother. Listen in for inspiring and practical tips to improve your leadership. 

Also, in this episode a career tip on how to organize the elements of your ideal career. That might not sound like a big deal but I can tell you that without organizing your ideal career elements, you won’t have your checklist of what you want in your ideal career.  When you get organized, you can leverage all the insights you discovered from the Soul Search tips I’ve been sharing from my book each month.  So tune in and learn how to organize your ideal career elements and lead your own career!

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