Making A Living Podcast

Do you feel you're getting pushed around at work?  Is too much being asked of you? Are you not feeling supported?  The universe conspires to help us and these challenges are an opportunity to stand up and assert yourself.  Included in this podcast are tips for being assertive and examples to inspire you to stand up for yourself at work in a way that is respectful and effective. 

*Bonus content: Start you own Soul Search with my monthly tip.  In this episode, I offer practical steps to identify the skills you want to utilize in your ideal career (not just the skills you have.)  If you feel trapped by a resume that doesn't match the work you want to do, this tip will help you make note of your transferable skills and unique genius.  

To finish this latest installment of Making a Living, I share details of a team success exercise from a recent motivational talk I delivered. If you work with others, you'll want to complete this exercise for yourself and with your team.  We all too often hear about what we’re doing wrong and I love this exercise because it presents you with a chance to acknowledge yourself and your team for what you’re doing right!  

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