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  • Do you find you are “of two minds” about what to do with your life or career?  
  • Do you have inspired ideas one day and then find yourself poking holes in them the next? Does your heart desire to make a career move but your inner critic is fearful?  
  • Do you feel stuck or indecisive?

These might be the signs that your inner critic has become a career block. 

My guest is someone who conquered his fears, left the corporate grind and is now following his passion as his career.  Matt Stein left a 20+yr award-winning career in television news to create Unique Luxury Travels.  Listen in and get inspired by Matt's career change story.  Also learn about a special technique I use to help people overcome career blocks. I also share a tip from my new book on finding time to make your career change a priority. 

If you’ve noticed a block, fear or issue that’s surfacing and it seems that two parts of you are not working together, there are things you can do.  Matt addressed his own inner critic and is now moving forward with a new career.  You can too!  Listen in, learn how and contact me.

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