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Do you need to get back your mojo for life and career?  Then now is the time to listen in.  In this episode you will get inspired to enliven your passion for creativity and self-expression.  Learn to honor, listen to and act on your own inspired creative impulses to make your career come alive again. 

Creativity is the key to life. It heals us and makes us whole.  If you are feeling the pull to do something creative or get more creative about your career choices, you will love my guest. 

Mary van de Wiel recently expanded her career by painting her way into being.  International branding maverick and visionary in the brand intelligence space, Van found her self-expression led her to bold mark-making.  She was open to what called her and out of that experience came Black Line Crazy - a successful new business.  Van says to explore what lights you up and get out of your own way.  Her words of wisdom will inspire you trust your own creative spark and make bold career moves into new areas of success and happiness for you. 

Resources included this episode:


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