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It's time for change.  Rather than continuing down the same old paths, I'm finding that people are ready for move forward in new, creative ways. For some that means working abroad. 

To explore how to follow the dream and work internationally, my guest is Ron Thomas, Managing Director of Strategy Focused Group. Ron uprooted his life in New York after being recruited to work in Saudi Arabia as a Chief Human Resources Officer.  Now, he is an internationally recognized HR thought leader living in Dubai managing his own business, speaking and traveling throughout the Middle East and Asia.

Tune in and learn:

  • the benefits of working abroad, 
  • the challenges, and 
  • what it takes to be successful.  

In this international episode, I’ll also share a career tip so you can reflect on and understand the workstyle (and location) that works for you.  

Maybe you’re ready for change.  Maybe it's time to explore a new exciting step in your life and career like working abroad or working in a new industry.  It’s scary and exciting because it’s fresh, unchartered territory.  Yet at the same time, it’s more peaceful because it’s more authentic to the fun, adventurous person you really are.

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