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Do you know your Soul agenda?  Are you being authentic and true to yourself with your career choices?   If not and you're operating from fear, you're missing out on all the higher, more purposeful opportunities available to you. 

In this episode, I interview Annie Kaur a Spiritual Master Medium. Annie’s gifts are rooted in her heritage as part of a line of spiritual ancestral service to humanity.  Her soul agenda is to enlighten, educate, inspire & evolve people from a 3 Dimensional Level to a 5 Dimensional level through her natural born ability of Channeling. 

According to Annie, the soul is the core essence of your energy and it’s knowing this core essence that leads us to true success.  Hear her advice for bringing your more authentic self to work and the benefits and blessings of that approach.

Also in this episode, a career tip with key ways to tap into your intuition. We all have an inner knowing or intuition.  Some may be more tuned in or more practiced at listening to the intuitive wisdom but even if you’ve never used your intuition before, trust me, it’s still there.

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